How to stop ‘Contact is now on Google Pay’ alerts and other notifications

If you use Google Pay or GPay, you may know that whenever a new person from your contact list joins this app, you get a warning that a particular contact is now GPay, send them a Re. 1 welcome gift. In addition to this, Google Pay sends several other alerts and notifications in the form of tips, offers, etc. So, if you want to stop alert notifications from Google Pay, here’s what you can do.

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Stop alerts about notifications from Google Pay

You can stop all types of notifications from Google Pay, but you shouldn’t do that anyway. In this guide, we’ll tell you which notifications to turn off and which to allow. Apart from this, there are some bonus tips.

Steps to turn off alerts associated with a contact

1. Open Google Pay on your phone.

2. Touch the profile picture in the upper right corner.

3. Now select “Settings” by tapping it.

4. Select “Notifications and e-mail” from the settings.

5. Now, on the next page, disable the switch next to “Friend Activities”.

If you want to disable all useless notifications from Google Pay, just turn off the switches next to options like “Google Pay Tips” and “Offers and Rewards.” However, you can keep alerts for account reminders and transactions for your records.

Bonus tip: Stop people from adding you to groups

In addition to making payments and paying bills, Google Pay can also be used to chat with friends. So if a bunch of unemployed people add you to the GPay group, you might start getting chat and other alerts as well.

Here’s how to prevent them from adding you to the group:

1. Go back to the Google Pay setup page as mentioned above.

2. Now tap “Privacy & Security”.

3. On the next page, select “How people find you on Google Pay.”

4. Then turn off the switch next to “Allow people to add you to groups.”

That’s it. You can also prevent people from discovering on Google Pay by disabling the appropriate switch here. However, we won’t recommend that you do this because you won’t show up when someone tries to send you a payment for the first time.

So, this is how you can use alerts associated with a contact and other notifications from Google Pay. Use the safety tips we mentioned above. For more tips and tricks, follow us!

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