How to stick to your New Year’s resolutions with Apple Fitness +

If your New Year’s resolution is to get in shape in 2022, Apple Fitness + provides the perfect solution. Tightly integrated with the Apple Watch, it offers hundreds of great video exercises that you can now do at home. But the question is, will you?

As the old saying goes, you can take a horse to the water, but you can’t make it drink. Subscribing to Fitness + is very good, but it will be a waste of money if you lose interest after a week.

Unfortunately, sticking to a New Year’s resolution is not easy. Probably because of that, almost 50% of them fail in the first year.

If you want to achieve your fitness goals in 2022, you have to start by putting your head in the right place. Here, too, well-designed outcomes can help. These are goals that meet certain essential criteria that psychologists identified in the 1980s using a technique called neuro-linguistic programming or NLP.

Well-designed outcomes provide a framework that can significantly increase your chances of achieving your goal. And all you need to do to turn your resolution into a well-formed outcome is to ask yourself these six questions.

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Well-designed results and Apple Fitness +

To set realistic goals and achieve them, start by answering these six basic questions. The answers will help you break down your Apple Fitness + New Year’s resolution.

1. Is your New Year’s decision positive?

It is amazing how many people set negative goals for themselves. Two of the most common are weight loss or smoking cessation.

These goals are negative because they focus on the current “problematic state” (smoking or being overweight), while a positive goal identifies the “desired state” you want to achieve.

Setting a positive goal is known as “thinking about the outcome” – and is key to success in many situations. Imagine trying to draw a route on Apple Maps without knowing your destination. You won’t get far.

So instead of losing weight, a desired state it would be something like:

  • i feel confident how i look
  • live a healthy lifestyle
  • fitting into a wedding dress

Instead of quitting, you can choose a goal such as:

Finishing a 30-minute HIIT workout with Bakari is a serious challenge for everyone.
Photo: Apple

2. Is your New Year’s resolution under your control?

There is only one thing you can change in this world, and that is yourself. You may be able to influence other people a little, but only by changing your behavior first.

So when choosing your New Year’s resolution, make sure it’s something you can maintain yourself, which means you can achieve it all on your own, without expecting anyone else to change.

For example: if you set a goal to do a 10-minute Fitness + workout every day, that’s great, because it’s completely under your control. But if you challenge a friend to beat you, or try to beat the Fitness + Burn Bar, the outcome is out of your control, because it depends on what other people are doing. (In the case of the Fitness + Burn Bar, it is based on the efforts of other users who do the same training as you.)

So, for your New Year’s resolution, choose a goal that is completely under your control, such as achieving your personal record.

3. How will you know when you have fulfilled your New Year’s resolution?

When you set out on a journey, how can you know when you have arrived? You usually recognize what your destination looks like. And it is exactly the same with New Year’s resolutions.

You need a very clear idea of ​​what it will be like when you achieve your goal. What will you see, hear, touch, and even smell? Take a moment to visualize it now. Allow yourself to dream.

Use the Notes app on your iPhone to write down how it will be to achieve your goal, in the present time, using all your senses. Hook it up so you can come back to it whenever you need a reminder.

For example: I see the finish line as I cross it. I hear the audience cheering. My family members are all smiling and waiting to congratulate me. As I hug them, I feel an incredible sense of support and achievement. I look down and see the Cancer Research UK logo on my shirt and I feel proud.

4. What is the higher purpose of your New Year’s resolution?

It may sound a little sublime to say that your New Year’s resolution should serve a higher purpose, but it should! I’m not saying you have to address world peace or global warming. Just that your goal should have some meaning for you.

So take some time to think about what you care about. Maybe there is a charity that is close to your heart. In my case it’s Cancer Research UK, the organization that developed the drugs that once saved my life. I ran several marathons for the organization and raised a lot of money. A sponsored event like this is a great way to give your resolution a higher purpose.

Your purpose, however, could be closer to home. Maybe your fitness goal is to be more active with your kids, for example.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, try including some meditation sessions in the Fitness + app or audio meditation from the Mindfulness app on Apple Watch. You can also check out Apple’s Time to Walk series, which provides inspiring celebrity stories.

Fitness + meditation sessions will help your exercises have a higher purpose.
Fitness + meditation sessions will help your exercises have a higher purpose.
Photo: Apple

5. Is your New Year’s resolution a win-win?

Are there people in your life who will be influenced in some way by your New Year’s resolution? Family, colleagues, friends or other people who depend on you?

When planning your New Year’s resolution, it’s a great idea to consider all the commitments you have in advance and how the people you care about will be affected by the changes you make to achieve your goal.

By involving them in your planning process and taking into account their needs and feelings, you can turn your goal into a winning victory, where everyone around you is as invested in your success as you are. They will become a powerful support network that will guide you to the end.

6. Are you ready to pay the price?

Does your goal meet the payoff of leaving your current status quo?

The fact is that you may not realize how much you are getting out of the current situation. Smokers, for example, enjoy smoking breaks together and therefore often make lifelong friendships. Are you ready to no longer be part of the Smoker team?

Currently, your body type could be similar to the type of all your friends and family. Are you ready to feel different from them when you lose weight?

People who do not exercise regularly have more free time for other things. Hobby, maybe? Are you ready to give it up?

It may seem strange to end this motivating article by exploring all the reasons why you may not want to succeed. But it is much better to consider these factors carefully now, than to be deceived and later disappointed.

Making a New Year’s resolution will cost you. Ask yourself if you honestly think it’s worth it. If not, consider how you could modify your goal to reduce the price to something you want are willing to pay.

For example, if you’re not ready for long, grueling workouts, maybe a marathon isn’t for you. If you like sweets, maybe you should try a diet in which you don’t have to completely eliminate desserts. It is better to achieve a more modest goal than to fail to achieve a more ambitious one.

Now you are ready to bring down your resolutions for 2022!

If you’ve answered these six questions, you’ve already done the hard part. Thanks to the great trainers at Apple Fitness +, the workouts themselves are actually fun.

Subscribing to Apple Fitness + costs just $ 9.99 a month – far less than a gym membership and many competing services. Plus, if you have a new Apple Watch, you can take advantage of a free quarterly trial. Apple also includes Fitness + in the Premier level of $ 29.99 per month in the Apple One subscription package.

So what are you waiting for? Why not start and record your first workout right away?

For further reading on well-formed outcomes and more, check out Sue Knight’s book, UFOs at work.

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