How to solve problems with Verizon 5G on iPhone 13

Verizon users with the new iPhone 13 might notice that something is missing: 5G. Faster mobile networking is a feature of the phone and no one wants to live without it. Fortunately, the answer is pretty simple. But it’s not something you’ll be able to fix on your own.

Here’s what you need to do.

The iPhone 13 on Verizon probably needs a new SIM card

Sometimes troubleshooting an iPhone can be complicated. Another time a software update is required. Not this time. If your new iPhone 13 won’t connect to Verizon’s 5G network – or won’t get a mobile connection at all – you’ll almost certainly need a new SIM card.

Sasha Reluctantly from PCMag found a problem. “GSM operators like AT&T and T-Mobile have a long-standing culture of knowing that their SIM cards can be inserted into random devices,” Segan said. “Verizon comes from a different culture where it assumes a stronger connection between the device and the SIM card. So simply replacing SIMs between Verizon phones just doesn’t work. ”

Simply put, you can’t pull the SIM card out of the previous phone and put it in any of the iPhone 13 series and guarantee it will work. If you have problems connecting to a new device, you probably need a replacement SIM card.

If your phone got a new SIM card, have Verizon activate it. Do not transfer the old to a new device.

What to do if your iPhone 13 doesn’t connect at all

I can confirm that SIM replacement works for problems more serious than 5G deficiency. I’m also an iPhone 13 user, and my new device has completely refused to connect to Verizon in any way using the SIM from my iPhone 12. No calls, no text, nothing.

An hour or more on the phone with technical support could not solve the problem. But a trip to the Verizon store and a new SIM card immediately gave me a connection.

How to get a replacement Verizon SIM card

For many people, the simplest solution to replacing a SIM card is to do what I did: Visit a Verizon store. They will take care of everything, including inserting the card and activating it. And there are no costs. But it helps with scheduling appointments.

Alternatively, you can order a SIM card from a telecom. Can be delivered the next day. You will need to insert it and then activate it.

If you have more questions, visit the Verizon SIM Card FAQ.

An alternative solution

Discussing Reddit could offer an alternative for people with problems with Verizon 5G and who can’t easily replace their SIM card. “Some people on the thread got the service to work by having Verizon support remove every feature from their account on the old SIM card and then add all the features one by one to the new SIM card,” Segan said.

Still, don’t assume this is the easiest solution for everyone. As mentioned earlier, I spent more than an hour talking to technical support, but my problem remained unresolved until I went to the Verizon store. But calling for technical support might be a better solution for those who are far from practical help.

Don’t blame Apple

While my new handset couldn’t be paired, I half-jokingly grumbled about Apple tempting fate by assigning an unfortunate “13” to its latest model. But it turned out that the problem did not come from Cupertino. As Segan points out, the cause is Verizon. Apparently this also happens with multiple Android devices.

And more than 2021. The iPhone will be blocked from connecting to Verizon 5G. This can also happen to the 2020 model.

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