How to Share Calendars with a Mac |

Do you want to share your work schedule and upcoming meetings with a colleague? Or maybe you want to plan events together? This can be easily done by sharing a calendar from your Mac.

In addition to making it easy to keep track of your work or personal schedule, the MacOS Action Calendar app can also be used to share calendar schedules and events with other users. This feature is enabled with the help of Apple iCloud and mostly works flawlessly. Shared calendars can be accessed even without an Apple device using the iCloud web client.

How to Share Calendars with a Mac |

Before you get started, we’d like to point out that you can only share calendars stored on iCloud. If you want to share a calendar stored locally on your Mac, you’ll need to move it to iCloud first, then follow these steps:

  1. First of all, launch the built-in Calendar app on macOS from the Dock, Apps folder, or Spotlight.

    How to Share Calendars with a Mac |

  2. When the Calendar app opens, you’ll see a list of calendars stored in iCloud in the left pane. Right-click or click Control on any of the calendars to access the context menu.

    How to Share Calendars with a Mac |

  3. Then select the “Share Calendar” option in the context menu.

    How to Share Calendars with a Mac |

  4. You will now see the sharing options. Select the “Share with” field and enter the email address of the person you want to share the calendar with. Note that the user must have an Apple account associated with this email address to access your calendar. Click “Done” to send the invitation.

    How to Share Calendars with a Mac |

  5. Now, when you right-click or Control-click a shared calendar, you’ll be able to see the users you’re sharing it with.

    How to Share Calendars with a Mac |

There you go. Now you’ve learned how easy it is to share calendars from your Mac.

If you want to update the list of people who have access to your shared calendar, you can just right-click their names from the context menu to remove access or change the permissions between View only and View and edit.

In addition to sharing your calendar with one or two contacts, you also have the option to make the calendar public from the same menu. This allows you to share your calendar with a large group of people. When you enable the Public Calendar option, everyone can subscribe to the read-only version of the calendar. You will also get access to a web calendar for your calendar that you can share with anyone.

While the recipient doesn’t have to own an iPhone, iPad, or Mac to view the shared calendar, they’ll need an Apple account to sign in to and access your calendar and events stored on it. Similarly, you can use the built-in Calendar app on iOS and iPadOS devices to share calendars.

We hope you were able to quickly learn how the Calendar app sharing feature works. How often do you share your calendars with your colleagues? Do you think you will use this feature often on your Mac? Share your experiences and thoughts in the comments.

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