How to see Google Photos memories on the new Chrome tab page on your PC

The new tab page in Google Chrome usually has bookmarks or favorite pages that you visit often. On your mobile device, you also see the Discover tab on the new tab page, which shows all the latest stories on the web. But did you know that you can also see your memories from Google Photos on the new tab page on your PC? This feature is currently in the experimental phase, but let’s learn how to see Google Photos memories on the new tab page in Chrome.

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See Google Photos memories on the New tab in Chrome

If you use Google Photos, you may know that it displays memories from our photos with some previous backups. If you want to see this presentation on your desktop while opening a new tab page in Chrome, follow the steps below:

Steps to enable memories on the new tab page

As mentioned above, the feature is currently in the testing phase, so you’ll need to enable it from Chrome flags. Follow the steps below:

Disclaimer: The feature may not work properly on your browser and may affect performance. Enable this feature at your own risk.

1. Open Google Chrome on your computer and type chrome: // flags in the address bar.

2. Now type “NTP” in the search bar at the top.

3. From the results, first click on “NTP Module”.

4. Select Enabled from the drop-down menu.

5. Then click on “NTP Photo Module” and enable it as well.

6. After enabling both flags, click “Restart” at the bottom to save the settings.

When the browser restarts, go to the new tab page and you’ll see the Google Photos tab. You can click “View Memories” below this tab to display your photos in a new tab. Make sure you’re signed in with your Google Account on a browser.

You can also go to the Memory and Featured Items tab in Google Photos by clicking on this tab. You can also hide the memory by clicking on three dots.

Bonus: Customize the page of the new card

If you want to customize the look of the new tab page, you can do so from here. You can change the background of your new tabs, add more shortcuts, or hide or show the Google Photos tab. Here’s how:

1. On the Google Photos tab, click the three dots and select Customize Tabs from the menu.

2. You can now change the background, hide and show shortcuts, and change the color and theme.

This way, your new tab in Chrome will look the way you like it.

So, this was all about how you can see memories from Google Photos on the new tab page in Google Chrome on your PC. For more tips and tricks like this, stay with us!

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