How to prevent incoming call notifications on iPhone when focus mode is enabled

Focus mode remains one of the best features of iOS 15 for the iPhone. It is an improved version of DND with a lot of customization options. Focus mode allows you to create an environment without being disturbed by selectively silencing notifications based on the activity you are doing or the time of day. If you receive incoming call notifications even when Focus is enabled, here are the changes you’ll need to make to stop them.

You can create multiple Focus profiles based on your needs and customize the list of apps and contacts to let you know when you’re busy with each profile. Go through the checklist below and make the necessary changes to avoid receiving incoming call alerts when Focus is enabled on iPhone.

1. Make sure Focus Mode is not disabled

enable focus mode

Focus mode comes with three types of automation based on time, location and running application. Which means users can enable and disable notifications based on the time, location, and app they open on iPhone.

You may have enabled Focus mode at night, and the system has automatically disabled it according to the automation rule you set.

Swipe from the top right corner of your iPhone to open the Control Center and make sure Focus is enabled. Those using older iPhones with a physical home screen key can swipe from the bottom up to reveal the control center.

Alternatively, you can go to Settings and ensure that focus status is enabled.

2. Highlight the ‘Allow notifications’ option in focus mode

You may have made exceptions for some contacts in the Focus profile because you didn’t want to miss their calls even when notifications were muted.

You must make changes to the Focus profile to stop receiving calls when it is enabled. Follow the steps below to remove contacts from Allow calls to me.

Step 1: Open up Settings app on iPhone and go to Focus to me.

Step 2: Select a Focus profile that allows unwanted calls to pass.

Step 3: Go to Notifications allowed menu and select People.

Step 4: Remove contacts from Allowed people list so they cannot contact you when Focus mode is enabled.

remove contacts from focus

3. Select ‘None’ from the Allow calls menu

In focus mode, you have the option to receive calls Favorites or All contacts. You need to change it to Nobody so there is no chance of getting notifications of incoming calls from anyone.

Step 1: Open up Settings app on iPhone and go to Focus mode of operation. Then select the Focus profile.

Step 2: Touch People below Notifications allowed to me.

Step 3: Open up Calls from and select Nobody from the next menu.

Now your iPhone will not ring during an incoming call no matter who is calling you.

do not allow calls from anyone out of focus

4. Disable ‘Allow repeated calls’

For security reasons, iOS allows repeated calls to bypass Focus on the iPhone. We usually do not recommend disabling this option. Someone may need urgent help in explaining repetitive calls.

If you are sure that your friends or family are already trying to contact you by telemarketers when the Focus profile is enabled, you can disable the Allow Repeated Calls switch. Here’s how.

Step 1: Open up Settings app and tap Focus. Then open the Focus profile you are using.

Step 2: Go Notifications allowed, select People tab and open Calls from to me.

Step 3: Disable Allow repeated calls from Phone calls to me.

You will now not receive recurring calls when focus mode is on.

disable repeated calls

5. Enable sharing on different devices

This option applies to those who live in a complete Apple ecosystem. When you enable focus mode on an iPad or Mac, it is automatically enabled on other Apple devices connected to the same account.

Let’s say you’re working on an iPad or Mac and enable the Work Focus profile. If it is Shares on all devices option is disabled, iCloud will not turn on the same focus mode on iPhone. In that case, you may get calls on the iPhone. You must enable Sharing on all devices to activate the same focus mode on all your devices.

To do this, open Settings app, tap Focus, and enable Shares on all devices fold.

6. Disable calls from social media applications

If you have allowed social media apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Messenger to send notifications in Focus mode, you will continue to receive calls from these apps on your iPhone.

iOS treats calls like WhatsApp, Telegram and Skype as regular notifications. You will need to remove these apps from the Focus profile.

Go to Application settings, tap Focusand select a Focus profile. Then tap Allowed applications menu and remove social media applications from the list.

In the future, you will not receive calls from WhatsApp or any other instant messaging app.

remove applications from focus

What’s the point of using focus mode when you’re still receiving calls on your iPhone? This can lead to distractions and several unproductive hours. Explore the possible scenarios listed above and stop receiving calls when Focus is enabled on iPhone.

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