How to get Dropbox beta with full Apple silicone support

It is now available to everyone.
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The next generation version of Dropbox for macOS, which is finally adding native support for Apple silicone chips, is now available to everyone in beta.

It comes less than a week after Dropbox began testing support for the Apple M1 with a small number of users. You can also try it for yourself by enabling “early releases” in your account settings. We’ll show you how.

Dropbox is finally adding Apple’s silicone support

Dropbox has received criticism from subscribers for its apparent unwillingness to support Apple’s early production of M1 processors. Users of his official forum were initially told that “there are no plans” to optimize Dropbox for Apple’s silicon.

However, there seems to have been some miscommunication within the company. Although Dropbox was much slower than other major developers in building its app on the latest Mac models, support for the M1 has finally arrived.

The latest Dropbox beta is now available to all macOS users. Dropbox doesn’t tell us much about it, but you can expect noticeable improvements in performance and efficiency if you’ve used the Intel version of the app.

How to Get Dropbox Beta on M1 Mac |

To try out the beta yourself, you’ll need to enable “early releases” in your Dropbox account settings. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on your avatar in the upper right corner.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Choose Preferences, then select General.
  5. Enable Early editions.

“You’ll automatically get access within 24 hours of joining the Dropbox Early Edition program,” says Dropbox.

Since this is a beta version of the app, there may be some bugs. But you can expect regular updates that “continue to improve the experience.” You can help Dropbox with its fixes by reporting any issues you encounter.

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