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Many of us feel most comfortable buying larger Apple products directly from the Apple Store, in person, or online. Of course, Apple does not have a steady stream of sales and discounts like some other retailers. However, we know how to get discounts in the Apple Store or on the Apple website. After reading this article, you will too. Tip # 1: Use the Apple Card or other credit cards listed below top any of these other methods of stacking your savings.

Offers for Black Friday

Apple gift card

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While Black Friday isn’t as big a deal at Apple as at other retailers, Apple often has some sort of offer for the biggest retail day of the year. Typically, Apple donates up to $ 200 to Apple gift cards with the purchase of certain items with large tickets. If you’re thinking of buying a big Apple, consider waiting until then. We have a complete guide to Apple Black Friday offers for you.

Apple gift cards

Speaking of gift cards, some stores sell gift cards at a discount or you can get rewards for buying gift cards in them. For example, Giant Eagle sells Apple gift cards and gives you prizes for free gas at their GetGo gas stations with your purchase. It might be more of a hassle for you than it’s worth, but it’s a way to save money. I did this before I bought the MacBook Pro and pulled a free gas tank out of it.

Apple Trade In

If you have an older Apple device that collects dust, why not take advantage of Apple’s Trade In program? Get an estimate right away to find out how much your old device is worth. Mail it or bring it to Apple to get an instant discount on your purchase. Or, if you want, you can get an Apple gift card that you can use for later purchases.


iPad for school affairs

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Students receive discounts on computers, iPad pros, Apple Music and Apple pens throughout the year. If you’re a student, you can shop at the store or online through the Shop for College portal located at the bottom of Apple’s website.

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Educational prices and student discounts

Students and teachers at all levels are entitled to educational prices. When you shop through this portal, you will see a discounted price.

The discount is not based on a percentage; rather it will be different for each item. By purchasing through this portal, the items are automatically reduced; does not display original prices. When shopping at a brick and mortar store, you will need a college card or some other proof of attendance, as well as a valid driver’s license.

Note: During the Back to School season, Apple traditionally did additional promotions. This year, Apple offered free AirPods with the purchase of a computer, iPad Pro or iPad Air, plus a 20% discount on AppleCare + with a discount on education.

Teachers and educators

All teachers at any level, from preschool to graduate, are entitled to the same discounts and offers on Apple products as students, as described above. However, teachers do not get a discount on Apple Music as students.

You will need to bring proof of employment, such as a teacher badge or payment slip. Your school will also need to be listed in the Apple system in order for a professional to apply your discount. Also, if you buy Apple products for your school, you can get a tax exemption.

Tax exemption

MacBook Pro

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If you work for a school, charity, place of worship, or other tax-exempt institution and purchase Apple products for your workplace, you may be exempt from paying sales tax. You will need to bring all the documentation proving your tax-exempt status from your workplace. This will be in addition to any discounts you get.

Company discounts

Many companies have a relationship with Apple, and their employees can earn a discount at the Apple Store when purchasing items for their own use. If you work for a fairly large company, ask an HR person if you qualify for discounts at the Apple Store. If so, all you need to do is bring documentation, such as an official ID badge or business card, and ask your professional to apply the discount. Your workplace can also provide you with an online portal from which you can order from Apple at a discount.

Civil servants

If you work for the state, you can get discounts on select Apple products in the Apple Store. As well as an education discount, you can purchase the state site at to access discounted prices. You will find different portals where you can get discounts depending on whether you are shopping for your government agency or for your own personal use. You can also buy in a brick and mortar store. Be sure to bring your government document to show an Apple employee so he can offer you the appropriate discount.

Army and veterans

You are entitled to a 10% military discount on certain Apple services and products if you are currently serving in the military, are a veteran, or are a close family member living in the same household. Access the discount via the military website at or the Apple Store. If you shop online, you need to check your status via You will also need a military ID card for personal access to the discount. Before buying in the brick and mortar store, check the online price, because some users report that they personally received only a 6% discount.

Business owners

Apple business

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If you own a business (whether large or small), you’ll want to meet with Apple’s business team.

You can ask anyone in the store to introduce you or you can click on the Shop for Business link at the bottom of the Apple website.

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Small and medium enterprises

Business owners are entitled to special discounts, financing and leasing through this portal.

As a business owner, you will be entitled to discounts when you reach a certain spending threshold. You are also able to arrange financing and leasing through a business team. If you buy Apple products for the entire company, your savings could be significant. Connecting with Apple’s business team has many other benefits, so be sure to do so if you own any type of company.

Random promotions

From time to time, Apple will have a sale of certain accessories, such as Beats headphones. Although these special prices will be on Apple’s website, they are not advertised otherwise, and there will be no labels in the Apple Store. Sometimes you just get lucky; the discount will appear when you unsubscribe from the phone. We cover such discounts right here on iMore, so check and follow us often Twitter and / or Facebook so you don’t miss out!

Real credit card

Using an Apple Card in the Apple Store will give you 3% cash back on your purchase. It may not sound like much, but it is added. However, this is not your only option. You can arrange a $ 150 credit statement and 1.5% cash back with the American Express® Cash Magnet, which is one of the best credit cards you can use when purchasing Apple products. This card also offers protection against accidental damage and 15 months of free financing. Business owners can get even greater rewards in cash with the American Express® Business Gold Card.

Certified Refurbished

If you don’t need the latest and greatest, you can buy Apple’s certified refurbished online store at discounted prices of up to 15%. Please note that this is only available online, not at Apple’s retail outlets. Buying from a certified refurbished direct from Apple doesn’t feel like you’re buying second-hand. If any parts are replaced, they will be genuine Apple parts. The device is cleaned and inspected and has a brand new battery and cover. It is delivered free of charge and comes in a new box with all the usual accessories. You get a one-year warranty and the option to purchase an AppleCare. Another advantage of buying a refurbished one is that you can get a certain older model that you might want Apple to no longer offer new ones.

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Apple Certified Refurbished

With a good selection of Apple products, you can get up to 15% off retail prices. Although they have been refurbished, they feel like new and come with an Apple warranty.

How do you get offers at Apple?

Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or have earned great discounts on Apple products in the Apple Store.

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