How to extend the battery life of an Apple Watch

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If you have problems with the ability of your Apple Watch to last all day, we have a useful guide that can show you how to extend the battery life of your Apple Watch.

This is inevitable – from time to time, your Apple Watch runs out of battery before you go back to the charger. Maybe it was a longer day than usual, or maybe you found yourself messing with your Apple Watch to waste time.

However, if you notice that your battery is routinely discharged before you go home, it means that the battery is significantly discharged for one reason or another. There are several ways you can squeeze extra battery life out of your Apple Watch, and AppleInsider is there to show you how it’s done.

Update, update, update

One of the best ways to maintain all of your technology properly is to make sure you have updated it to the latest software. This is especially true for the Apple Watch.

To automatically update your Apple Watch, follow the steps below:

How to set up an automatic update for your Apple Watch

  1. Open on your iPhone Look application
  2. Touch General
  3. Touch Software update
  4. Touch Automatic updates
  5. Switch Automatic updates he

This feature allows your Apple Watch to automatically install software updates overnight when your Apple Watch is placed on the charger and within range of your iPhone.

Limit yourself by relying solely on mobile connectivity

If you’re seriously thinking about extending the time between charges, you’ll want to take your iPhone with you as often as you can.

Apple Watch mobile models tend to discharge their batteries much faster when not connected to their accompanying iPhone.

When you know you’ll be out for a long time, try taking your iPhone with you and storing it in your back pocket, purse, or purse.

Disable wrist lift

Although lifting the wrist is a convenient function, it is hardly perfect.

If you do any profession in which you routinely raise your hands, or if you are someone who talks with your hands, the wrist lift function probably drains your battery by false activation.

How to disable wrist lift on your Apple Watch

  1. Open on your iPhone Look application
  2. Touch Display & Brightness
  3. Turn it off Wake up after lifting your wrist

When you disable the wrist lift, you will need to touch the screen, rotate the crown, or press the side button to see the time.

Limit receiving notifications

Certain notifications, such as email alerts and social media notifications, can significantly affect your watch battery. Plus, you probably don’t need to see ten separate warnings that your cousin likes the pictures you posted from your weekend on Instagram.

Disabling these alerts will prevent your Apple Watch from checking them continuously, as well as reduce the battery required to send you a haptic alert or illuminate the screen.

By default, most third-party apps, such as Instagram or Twitter, are set to reflect your iPhone’s alerts. However, you can easily disable them by following the instructions below.

How to Disable Notifications for Apple Watch Apps |

  1. On your iPhone: Open Look application
  2. Touch Notices
  3. Below Mirror iPhone Alerts From scroll down to find the application you want to disable
  4. Turn it off

We suggest leaving notifications for specific apps, such as driving sharing, food delivery, or job alerts that you may not want to miss.

Take care of which dial you choose

Most people probably don’t realize how much your dial affects battery life, but it’s been proven that this can be a significant battery drain.

Avoid using any of the dials that show floating jellyfish or butterflies – they will drain your battery in an instant.


The “Simple” and “Numerals Duo” dials consume less battery than the others

Complications can also be a significant drain, especially if they have to check things like heart rate or activity levels regularly.

Ideally, the best clock dial will be as black as possible and avoid any complications. “Simple”, “Numeral Duo” or “X-Large” faces are your best option.

Take advantage of the Apple Watch’s built-in power reserve feature

If you want to make the most of your watch battery, you can throw it in the power reserve. Power reserve turns off most functions on your Apple Watch, except to display the current time – but only if you press the side button first.

Either way, sometimes it makes sense to put your Apple Watch in power-saving mode. For example, you drive to the office, to meetings, while watching a movie – basically always when you shouldn’t bother for about an hour.

How to put your Apple Watch in Power Reserve

  1. On Time the face of your Apple Watch, swipe your finger up from the bottom
  2. Touch the icon that shows the battery percentage
  3. Pull Power icon to the left
  4. When prompted, tap Go on

Important: The downside to Power Reserve is that it requires you to restart the Apple Watch to turn it off.

You can simply press and hold the side button until your Apple Watch restarts when you want to exit the power reserve.

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