How to donate to help those in Ukraine

As Ukraine valiantly fights off a terrifying and unjustified Russian invasion, some 1.5 million of its citizens have been forced to flee in search of safety. More than 38.5 million have stayed behind – many of them to fight for their country – and a growing number are now without water, power and food.

Some are working in their bath tubs – the safest place in their homes – while others are sheltering underground as the cities around them are bombarded by Russian missiles and turned into ruble. It is a crisis, the likes of which Europe did not think it would have to endure again after World War II.

Ukrainians need all the help they can get. If you want to do your bit, you can donate to one of many charities that are now working to support citizens by providing food and water, blankets and clothes, and other essential supplies. Here’s how to get started.

Donate to help Ukraine

One thing the attack on Ukraine has shown us is that the Western world won’t sit back and watch while an innocent nation defends itself against an unprovoked attack. While our governments come together to provide military aid and impose tough sanctions, our people are stepping up to do their bit.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been raised around the world since the invasion of Ukraine began on February 24. But more is needed to provide its citizens with the support they need to get through this unimaginable situation – which could drag on for months, if not years – as best they can.

You may be tempted to send clothes, toiletries, and other products, and that’s great. But with it becoming increasingly difficult to get goods into Ukraine as the situation worsens, making monetary donations to organizations that are responding to the crisis on the ground is the best way to help.

Which charity should you donate to?

There are many charities that will ensure your cash – no matter how much you can afford to donate – will make a difference to the people of Ukraine. In case you’re not sure where to send your money, here are some ideas.

Help those on the ground

Red Cross is working to provide the people of Ukraine, including those trying to escape the most dangerous areas, with food and hygiene parcels. It is delivering first aid training to those sheltering underground, and providing medical kits and supplies. It is also helping to evacuate those with disabilities.

Unicef is working with its partners to provide children and families in Ukraine with water and medical care. It strives to ensure there is immediate help, including child protection services and psychosocial care for children traumatized by the ongoing crisis, when it’s needed.

Doctors Without Borders is another providing important medical assistance. Care International and its partner, People in Needare also providing food, water, diapers, sleeping bags, and other essentials to those on the ground who are trying to flee or joining the fight, or just trying to survive.

Help refugees

Tens of thousands of people, most of them mothers and children, are fleeing Ukraine every day in an effort to stay alive as the conflict intensifies. Some charities are focused on helping to provide them with food, shelter, and the legal aid they may need to secure refugee rights. These charities include:

Help the Ukrainian military

You can choose to put your money towards the Ukrainian military. Come Back Alive is one foundation that has been set up to support troops with essential training and medical care, and important equipment like thermal scopes, reconnaissance drones, ammunition, and defense technology.

Alternatively, you can donate directly to the Ukrainian military by bank or card transfer, or by sending cryptocurrency.

Do what you can

Don’t assume Ukraine and its people don’t need your help. It’s heartwarming to see how much support they’re already getting, but they will need more as this conflict continues and they fight for the freedom and sovereignty they deserve. Do what you can to give them the best possible chance.

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