How to Copy a Mac to a TV |

Ever wanted to copy your Mac to TV, wirelessly? You can do this with most modern Macs if they support AirPlay. Many modern TVs also have built-in support for AirPlay, which allows the Mac to easily copy its screen to the TV, directly from macOS. This is easier than ever in macOS Monterey.

AirPlay support is included in many modern TVs LG, Samsung, Sony, Vizio, usually from 2018 or newer model year. If your TV supports mirroring from a Mac (or iPhone or iPad in that case), then “AirPlay” will be available as one of the input options on the TV. If the TV doesn’t originally support AirPlay, then many devices and boxes like Apple TV or Roku include support, so always connect one of them to the TV instead and then map your Mac to it.

How to Copy a Mac to a TV |

We will explain how to copy MacBook Pro to TV using AirPlay in macOS Monterey.

  1. On the TV, select “AirPlay” as the TV input
  2. On a Mac, click the Control Center icon on the menu bar
  3. How to Copy a Mac to a TV |

  4. Click on “Screen Mirroring” in the Control Center
  5. How to Copy a Mac to a TV |

  6. Choose a TV from the available screen capture devices
  7. How to Copy a Mac to a TV |

  8. The code will appear on the TV screen for a moment, then enter the code on your Mac when prompted
  9. How to Copy a Mac to a TV |

  10. Give your Mac and TV a moment and soon your Mac screen will be transferred to TV, wirelessly
  11. Screen Mirrored Mac on AirPlay TV

Now your Mac screen is mirrored on the TV, thanks to AirPlay.

This will display everything from the Mac screen to the TV.

Note that the screen resolution of the Mac can be changed to suit the TV resolution, but you can adjust the screen resolution (s) in System Preferences> Displays> Resolution to suit you.

If you just want to copy video, you can usually choose TV as the destination of most video players, for example with YouTube you can AirPlay directly from YouTube in Safari browser on Mac, which will only send video to TV instead of the whole Mac desktops and screens.

How to turn off screen mirroring on Mac on TV

You can stop screen mirroring at any time:

  1. Return to the Control Center menu
  2. Select “Screen Mirroring” again.
  3. Select the TV to which you are mirroring the screen as the destination to deselect it and stop screen mirroring

AirPlay is a really great feature with lots of intriguing features and isn’t just limited to sending your Mac screen to a TV or other device. AirPlay also allows you to use Sonos as a Mac speaker, transfer iPhone or iPad to Apple TV, and even AirPlay directly to another Mac using a Mac as a destination device, assuming you have a Mac that supports that feature, among many other handy tricks, not only for Mac, but also for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

Do you use screen mapping on your Mac to map screen to TV? Does your TV support AirPlay originally or do you use a device like Apple TV, Roku or Fire TV to have that capability? Let us know your experiences in the comments.

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