How to Catch Cresselia in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

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Pokémon games are incredibly fun and one of the reasons why is that there is always a lot of work to do after you win the main game. For example, Cresselia is a special legendary Pokémon that you can only catch in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl after the game. It is one of the more complex creatures to acquire as it randomly circles the map like Mesprit. However, if you are patient, you will be able to catch it and add it to your Pokédex after you unlock it.

How unlock Cresselia in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

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Cresselia Pokedex Entry

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Cresselia is a levitating psychic and being level 50 when you meet him in the wild. So make sure you have the right level of Pokémon on your team to damage his health instead of hitting him with one blow.

First, if you haven’t already done so, be sure to change your save settings to manual save. This is important in case you accidentally knock out Cresselia instead of catching her. To switch to manual saving, press X button to open your menu, then select Options. Then scroll down to Autosave and select off. Now save your game before proceeding.

Then, take a moment to stock up on Quick Balls and Ultra Balls if you don’t already have enough. I recommend at least 30 of each if you can swing it.

Now that you have all your resources, you can go and find them. However, just like Mesprit, Cresselia will move to a new location every time you move to a new location on the Sinnoh map. So, to catch it, I think it’s best to find the border between the two routes and go back and forth until it appears on the route I’m on, as seen in the Marking Map app. I personally prefer to go Road 212 to do so, south of Hearthome City. Note that if you have two mobile legendary Pokémon active, both will appear in the app.

When Cresselia shows up on the route you’re on, head towards a piece of grass and run around until you run into him. Sometimes the first Pokémon you come across will be Cresselia, but other times it may be some other random monster. If the app shows that Cresselia is still on your route after leaving a random battle, try finding it in the grass again.

Cresselia is very similar to Abri in that she tries to run as a first move. However, you are guaranteed to sign up before doing so. If you attack him, Cresselia will have the same amount of health the next time you encounter her. So, use Pokémon to reduce his health. You want to get it in the red to make shooting easier. It will only be level 50, so use a move that will not destroy it with one blow.

Once he escapes, you will save manually your game. This ensures that your game remembers that Cresselia’s health has been compromised and that you can reload it if you accidentally drop it. Keep monitoring and attacking him until his health drops. Then throw Quick Balls or Ultra Balls at him. This may take some time, so be patient.

After a little patience and hard work, you will eventually add Cresselia to your team and you can add it to your party if you wish.

Shoot the moon

With a little time and dedication, you will be able to catch Cresselia. Make sure you have plenty of fast and ultra balls on hand before you chase them, otherwise you could find yourself in a frustrating situation. Good luck!

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