How to add music to posts on Instagram

It’s no secret that creating or at least thinking about creating content for our Instagram we do almost every day. And the space is getting crowded – now it’s harder to stand out than ever.

Posting photos is simply no longer enough. There are also videos, stories, rolls, IGTV, filters and stickers to consider. In 2018, Instagram also posted one of the best additions to its ecosystem – the ability to share music in stories (Reels followed in 2020), and photos and videos.

Today, you can add music from Instagram’s song library, as well as third-party services like Spotify and SoundCloud, and your own catalog. There are literally millions of options to choose from, which can make your Instagram content even more fun. Moreover, Instagram is continuously increasing its library with new songs.

At the same time, you may now figure out how to instantly add music to Instagram posts. The process isn’t that simple, but once you know where to look, music will become an integral part of your Instagram game. Let us show you.

How to add music to Instagram videos and photos

Copyright and music licensing are one of the most confusing industries even for apps with more than a billion users like Instagram. So you can officially add music to Instagram Story or Reel, but still not to regular posts.

However, there is a workaround – you just need to pre-edit the photo or video and add the audio you want (make sure you have the right to use it).

iMovie is one of the easiest video editors to learn and would serve as the perfect Mac app for putting music on Instagram posts:

  1. Launch iMovie
  2. Create a new project
  3. Drag and drop your video onto the app’s timeline
  4. Select a song from your library and add it as an audio track
  5. Save your new video by going to File ➙ Share ➙ File …

How to add music to Instagram Story

If you just want to add music to your Instagram story instead of regular posts, it’s much easier and anything could be done within the Instagram app. Let’s start using the Instagram library:

  1. Tap a profile picture and select Add to your story
  2. Select the photo or video you want to display
  3. When you’re ready to add music, tap the sticker icon at the top
  4. Scroll down to the music label
  5. Search or search for a song you like
  6. Adjust the slider to get the desired part of the song (limit is 15 seconds)
  7. Click Done
  8. Finish all the other parts of your story as usual

Now everyone who opens your story will hear the song you selected above.

Alternatively, you can add music to your Instagram story directly from your Mac. While there is no official Instagram app for Mac, you can do everything you need to do online using Instagram.

Grids is the first full-fledged Instagram client for desktops that brings you all the best aspects of Instagram in one beautiful app. You can use it to post stories, photos and videos, track other people, send instant messages, and even switch between multiple Instagram accounts.

lattice for mac

How to add music to Instagram Reels

Given that Reels is largely powered by energetic music videos similar to TikTok, it’s no wonder that adding soundtracks is pretty intuitive.

To create an Instagram reel with music:

  1. Tap the plus icon at the top of the Instagram home screen and select Reels
  2. Open the music icon on the sidebar
  3. Find the song you want to add to your reel
  4. Choose the part of the song you really like
  5. Record your reel as usual

Where to find music for your Instagram?

By now you may be wondering where you should actually get music on Instagram? You really have four options here: use the Instagram library, create your own music, license existing songs, or download music without royalties online. Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages.

Use the Instagram library. Instagram offers a large selection of music for completely free use. As shown above, adding sound to Stories and Reels is also pretty straightforward. The downside is that you still can’t use the Instagram library in regular posts. You’re also generally limited to 15 seconds from any song, which might seem too restrictive.

Create your own music. In theory, you can easily make any music you miss in the Instagram library and create exactly the experience you are looking for. In reality, creating your own music takes a lot of time and requires a lot of creativity. Fortunately, n-Track Studio makes the process a little easier.

n-Track Studio is a complete music studio on your Mac. It’s simple and intuitive enough to download quickly, but at the same time offers advanced music mixing and recording capabilities. Edit any song available to you (or record it), add effects, enrich your sound with drum patterns, and bring your musical vision to life.

n track studio music mac

License numbers. Although licensing music is quite complicated, there are various platforms on the internet that can help you find the right path and choose the right agreement. In the end, you can get a unique song that is not available on Instagram, but could cost you quite a bit.

Download music for free. In addition to licensing music, you can also find audio online that is completely free to download and use as you see fit. It’s a little hard to find, and the choice would definitely be limited, but with a little creativity it can work really well. All you need for this is a suitable download program, such as Folx.

Folx is simply the best way to download anything online. Works for YouTube videos, torrents, and any URL you paste into them. It can download apps, videos, music, photos and more. Functionally, Folx splits files into multiple streams to speed up download times. It can even remember your login information to other websites, so you don’t have to log in every time.

To use Folx:

  1. Launch the app and click the plus icon
  2. Choose between URL, Torrent and YouTube
  3. Paste the link
  4. Select the appropriate options below
  5. Click OK

folx download music online

If you have a large collection of audio on your Mac, it would also be helpful to have the right way to organize it – so you can easily find what you’re looking for in the future. One way to do this is to have the right metadata, and Meta can help you with that.

Meta is a smart music label manager for Mac. You can use it to add notes, metadata, song numbers, and album art to your music collection. The metadata is then stored in the music file itself, so it will be available in any music player you choose to use, now or in 10 years.

meta tag editor mac

How to add your music to Instagram Stories

If you want to add music from your own library to your stories, this could still be done the way everyone added music before the introduction of the Instagram library:

  1. Play any song on your phone
  2. Launch Instagram and start a new story
  3. Record a story while your music is still playing in the background
  4. Touch your story to publish it

Adding your own music frees you from the 15-second limit in the Instagram library and allows you to create multiple stories over the same song that is constantly playing.

How to share music from Spotify on Instagram

In addition to its own library, Instagram allows you to share songs from streaming platforms like Spotify, which can be listened to by any of your followers who have Spotify accounts.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open Spotify
  2. Find a song you like
  3. Click on the three dots to open its menu
  4. Touch Share
  5. Choose Instagram stories

How to share music from SoundCloud on Instagram

Similarly, you can use SoundCloud’s huge electronic music library and share it with Instagram:

  1. Play a song you like on SoundCloud
  2. Click Share
  3. Touch Stories
  4. Publish a story

Now everyone will be able to play that song on SoundCloud.

Why is Instagram music not available?

You may not currently see a sticker that allows you to add music to your Instagram stories. This may be because the feature is not yet available in your geographic location, most likely due to copyright issues. Updating an app is the best way to learn about a feature as soon as it launches. You can try using a Mac app, such as Plugins, instead.

The entanglement is a minimalist Instagram app for Mac that still has all the functionality you need to post photos and videos, add emoticons and hashtags, without being dragged into an endless feed.

entanglement instagram application mac

As you can see, you have more control over your music track on Instagram than you probably thought. You can quickly add music to Stories and Reels directly from the app or use Instagram clients from Macs like Grids and Braid. You can create your own music using n-Track Studio. You can also download free music from Folx and make sure everything is properly tagged with Met.

Best of all, Grids, Uplet, n-Track Studio, Folx and Meta are available to you completely free for seven days with a trial version of Setapp, a platform with more than 220 top Mac applications to solve any problem. Try every Setapp app for free, today and take your Instagram game to a whole new level.

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