How to add a vaccination card against COVID to Wallet on iPhone

In iOS 15.1, Apple added the ability to insert a digital COVID vaccination card into your wallet on an iPhone or iPod touch. Here’s a look at what the cards contain and how to add them to your device.

About verifiable records and restrictions

Not every provider includes a verifiable medical record. These documents are considered SMART health cards, a new technology that has additional significance due to the pandemic. You can get these cards in paper or digital format from any organization with your clinical information, such as a doctor’s office, pharmacy, or state immunization registry. If you did not receive your SMART Health Card after receiving the COVID vaccine, you probably cannot add the entry to your iPhone wallet.

What is included

Verifiable versions of your COVID-19 vaccination and test results records are stored in the Health app on your iPhone or iPod touch. When verified, this information is similar to providing paper documents with an official stamp. You can download verifiable records of vaccination and test results if your vaccine or test results provider supports this format. Check with your doctor to see if he or she keeps verifiable health records.

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When you add your verifiable COVID vaccination card to the Wallet app, you can view and present it at any time. On the front of the card you will find your name, type of vaccine, date (s) of administration, issuer and QR code. The exact location of these details may vary depending on the location. These details cannot be seen on the card unless you first verify your identity with a Face ID, Touch ID, or password.

Add with a QR code

To add your COVID vaccination card to the Wallet app using the attached QR code:

  1. Open up Room application on your iPhone or iPod touch.
  2. Scan QR code.
  3. Touch Health application notice.
  4. Choose Add to Wallet and Health to add an entry to the Wallet and Health applications.

Add with downloaded file

Instead of a QR code, your provider may have included a downloaded file with your vaccination. According to this scenario, to add your card to the Wallet app:

  1. Touch offered download link on your device.
  2. Choose Add to Wallet and Health to add an entry to the Wallet and Health applications.

If you have already linked the Health app to your digital medical record, you may already have verifiable vaccination information available. In this case, to add to the Wallet app:

  1. Open up Health app.
  2. Touch Summary.
  3. Choose Add to Wallet under Vaccination Records.

Adding verifiable health records to all the best iPhones is a great option for living in these uncertain times. With our COVID vaccination cards on our phones, there is one less thing to worry about while traveling or at any other time when we could show our vaccination status.

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