HomeKit shakes things up at CES 2022

There’s a lot to excite HomeKit fans at this year’s CES Technology Show in Las Vegas. Several companies have announced products that will support Apple’s home automation system, including lights, door cameras and more.

Great projects like concept cars are attracting more attention, but HomeKit accessories are more likely to make people’s lives better.

It’s all about matter and thread

There has been a flurry of HomeKit-compatible equipment due to Matter, the emerging home automation interoperability standard. The companies used CES 2022 to present products that will support Matter, which means they will work with HomeKit, Alexa, Google Home, etc.

Products that support Thread were also presented. Thread is a low-power, short-range, self-healing network protocol that allows smart home devices to communicate with each other.

In the coming years, Apple users should expect to hear about many Matter over Thread devices to control their home. In fact, it has already begun. Just remember that Matter support means the device is compatible with HomeKit, but HomeKit does not automatically support Matter.


Belkin’s Wemo Smart Video Doorbell uses HomeKit Secure Video to ensure your privacy.
Photo: Belkin

Belkin introduced Wemo Smart Video Doorbell. This has a 4MP camera with night vision and a 178 degree field of view. Use HomeKit Secure Video.

In addition, Belkin also promised to present new versions of its most popular home automation products – smart sockets, smart light bulbs, etc. – with support for Matter over Thread 2022.


TP-Link has unveiled an extensive collection of HomeKit-compatible smart home accessories, all in its Tapo line. There’s a mini plug, a dimmer switch, multicolor light strip, Wi-Fi bulb and more.

All of these smart devices will be launched before the end of 2022.


Eve MotionBlinds for HomeKit are easy to install.
Eve MotionBlinds for HomeKit are easy to install.
Photo: Eve Systems

Eve Systems had two news related to the HomeKit at CES 2022. There’s a brand new Eve Outdoor Cam with a 157-degree field of view and night vision. It will be launched in April 2022.

Plus, Eve’s MotionBlinds are the first eyeshadows associated with Thread for HomeKit. And now they are available to order.


Sengled has introduced unique WiFi TV light strips, which extend what is shown on the television to the wall behind it. The company also launched a set of Wi-Fi outdoor wired lamps and Wi-Fi portable lamps.

These products compatible with HomeKit, as well as more than Sengled, will be launched in the second quarter of 2022.


Nanoleaf's mood lighting products will soon be Thread border routers for HomeKit devices.
Nanoleaf’s mood lighting products will soon be Thread border routers for HomeKit devices.
Photo: Nanoleaf

At CES 2022, Nanoleaf promised that the upcoming firmware update would make its lighting products the first third-party border routers for HomeKit-over-Thread devices. These are current and future versions.

The company produces a line of lighting products that can be mounted on walls.

Aura Air

Aura Air cleans and disinfects indoor air, getting rid of viruses, bacteria and mold. And now the professional system has been upgraded to support Apple’s HomeKit automation system.


Aqara plans to introduce a new line of Thread-based devices, dedicated to Matter. Matter support will be added to his existing Zigbee products. This means that some, but not all Aqara children’s devices will also be able to use the Matter.

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