Hinge users can send voice messages and add audio notes to profiles

is the latest dating app that penetrates sound. Starting today, users can attach voice clips to profiles, which is said to be the first for a great dating app. You can also send audio notes to your matches.

You can add an audio clip to your profile by going to the Edit Profile section in Settings and selecting Voice Query. You can select a query (question or comment suggested by the app to highlight something about you) and answer with a 30-second snapshot. “This is just the beginning of a lot of things that we’ll see come up in the next six to 12 months that really help people tell a richer story in their profiles,” said Hinge CEO Justin McLeod. .


Some users may find it easier to get to know matches through voice messages rather than text. Many dating apps have also added audio features, especially after the advent of COVID-19, making it difficult to go out live.

The rival Bumble dating app allows potential bird lovers to connect with each other from April 2020, while Tinder began allowing users to see their profiles this summer. The hinge, however, had this second characteristic.

Hinge is also introducing more features for LGBTQ + users. As of Thursday, the app will introduce a non-binary gender category into its algorithm. McLeod noted that while other apps allow users to identify themselves as non-binary, they typically require those users to say whether they want their profile to be seen by people looking for men or women. Inquiries designed for LGBTQ + users will also be added in November.

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