Hideaki Anno debuts as a classic Toku Hero



Riding jump! Rider Kick! Stone Rider, Stone Rider, Rider, Rider!


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Congratulations Rider Shin Stone for the best costume in a superhero movie, but again, it’s mostly because it’s just original Stone Rider suit.

At today’s press conference in Japan, Rider Shin Stone director and writer Hideaki Anno – who is beyond his connection with Evangelion Neon Genesis, previously downloaded tokusatsu icons Godzilla i Ultraman for their “Shin” films together with collaborator Shinji Higuchi – they revealed the main stars of the film, along with the trailers. The last samuraiSosuke Ikematsu will play Takeshi Hong, a young man kidnapped by the criminal organization Shocker and turned into a superpower cyborg – only to turn against them and fight their evil as the first Stone Rider. Ace LawyerMinami Hamabe will play one of Hong’s closest allies from the original show, Ruriko Midorikawa, the daughter of a professor he killed Stone Rideris the first monster this week, Man Spider. In the original series, Ruriko blamed Stone Rider for her father’s death, before she realized the truth about Takeshi and became his ally in the fight against Shocker.

In addition to the cast, Anno, Ikematsu and Hamabe debuted with two, slightly different movie trailers, each with very similar footage of Kamen Rider gliding, jumping and performing stunts with his iconic bike – all set as a homage opening the original show, all the way to the themed song:

While it remains to be seen how it is there Shin Ultraman goes – the film was delayed with screening in the summer of 2021, and little has come the way of updating from their own trailer- but for how long Shin Godzilla tried some brave new things for the cult kaija, Rider Shin Stone it seems to be trying to maximally monkey the classic series from the Show era, presenting its tone and aesthetics through a modern lens. Which makes sense – Anno is a loud and proud lifelong fan of the series, and even played Hong as a young man. The image of the director in his old costume was even used as a new poster ad Rider Shin Stone and a new exhibition on Hideaki Anno, published in the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun today with a new conference:

Well yes, that is our first look Rider Shin Stone was Anno basically filming a man in a bug superhero costume performing stunts in a quarry? Perfect. Exactly what you would expect. Rider Shin Stone arrives in Japanese cinemas in March 2023.

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