Hidea Studio Kojime opened a film, TV and music division

“Why doesn’t Kojima just make movies?” It’s a rhetorical question that Hide Kojime fans have been asking after every game since Metal Gear Solid. For better or worse, no other creator in the gaming industry has pushed the medium closer to film than Kojima. And after hinting at his studio, he does just that.

Per , Kojima Productions has set up a music, TV and film department to work in Los Angeles. Riley Russell, a former CEO of Sony Interactive, will lead the unit as he tries to expand the cultural footprint of Kojima Productions.

“The new division will have the task of working with creative and talented professionals in the field of television, music and film, as well as with the more famous game industry,” Russell told the agency. “The team aims to expand the reach and awareness of the properties now being developed at Kojima Productions, and to make them even more part of our popular culture.”

It’s no surprise to see that Kojima Productions is expanding beyond games. He is known for his cinematic approach to making games, and if you are follow him on twitter, you know he often tweets about his favorite albums and movies. The question now is how the studio plans to handle the expansion. Since reforming in 2015, Kojima Productions has released one game. You can move that number to two if you count the recent release of the director’s order Death Stranding as a separate title. What would a film adaptation Death Stranding looks like? For that matter, what would an adaptation of any Kojima game look like? Maybe we’ll find out soon.

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