Here’s why the Apple Watch Series 8 probably won’t get a new design

The Apple Watch Series 7 was one of Apple’s most anticipated products in 2021 as rumors suggested the device would get a huge redesign. However, the 7 Series has been announced with a design quite similar to the previous model, except for a larger screen.

Although the reason is unknown, some people are hoping that the long-awaited new design will be preserved for the Apple Watch Series 8 – but that seems unlikely.

Based on rumors, the Apple Watch Series 7 was expected to have an industrial design similar to other current Apple products such as the iPhone 13 and iPad Pro. Some leaked patterns and 3D models have even shown what the new Apple Watch would look like with flat edges.

Although reliable sources bet on the leaked design, the actual product is completely different and much less ambitious. Apple hasn’t said and probably never will say why the Apple Watch Series 7 is different from what it leaked, but it may be related to procurement problems and a global shortage of components.

But would Apple reject the idea of ​​a redesigned Apple Watch? While the company could give a new chance to a design that leaked in the future, that seems unlikely for the Apple Watch Series 8.

Even small changes in industrial design require a lot of effort when it comes to building millions of units every month. Not only that, but design changes also cost money – which is why you don’t see radical design changes every year. As the Apple Watch Series 7 has already brought some minor design changes this year, it’s hard to imagine that the Apple Watch Series 8 will have a completely different look.

Based on some early leaked schemes, Twitter account LeaksApplePro says the only expected design change for the Apple Watch Series 8 will be a redesigned speaker. Everything else should look just like on the Apple Watch Series 7.

I see a brand new design for the Apple Watch coming in two or three years, but I think Apple will now focus on improving the hardware with things like new health sensors for next year’s model.

Do you think Apple will use the leaky design of the Apple Watch Series 7 again for the next generation model? Let us know in the comments below.

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