Here’s how to unlock Google and the 2 Player Cooperative at Luigi’s Villa 3

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One of the things that makes Luigi’s Mansion 3 one of the best games for the Nintendo Switch is that it allows two players to go through the main mode together. If you’ve been looking forward to filming ghosts with a friend, you might be surprised to discover that Google, the character that Player-2 controls, can’t be played from the start. We’ll show you how to unlock this gooey double so you can play with a friend as soon as possible.

If you want extra help, we also have guides to help you defeat every boss, collect every gem and find every Boo in Luigi’s Villa 3.

I see dead people

Luigi's Mansion 3 boxes art

Luigi ‘s Villa 3

Defeat ghosts while looking for your friends

Play the main silly and spooky story with two people at a local cooperative. This game also includes multiplayer modes where up to 8 players can play together locally or online.

How to Unlock Google for a Cooperative |

To unlock Google, you will need to find Professor E. Gadd and complete the mission given to you by picking up his briefcase from floor 5. Depending on how thorough you are in exploring every corner of the hotel to find gems, ghosts and money, I would say it takes 30 minutes to about an hour to get Google after the start of the game. Here are the steps you need to take to unlock it:

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1. Find Professor E. Gadd

Luigi's Mansion 3 Professor E. Gadd

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Finding Professor E. Gadd is one of the first things you do after hotel residents discover their true nature. Follow Polterpup as he leads you through the hotel. Your ghost dog will first take you to Poltergust G-00 so you can defend yourself from ghosts, and then it will eventually take you to a crazy enthusiast.

Unfortunately, the professor is framed in the picture, so Polterpup will take you to the Dark Light, which you will have to release. Once you illuminate the dark light in the picture, the old lat will stumble as briskly as ever.

2. Set up the lab

Luigi's Mansion 3 screen capture lab

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When he frees Professor E. Gadd, the old man will instruct you to take him to the garage. A smaller boss is waiting for you here. You’ll have to avoid the baggage he throws at you, and then wait for the right moment to stun him with your Strobulb. While he is dizzy, suck him with Poltergust. When you beat him, you’ll get a lift button on the 5th floor.

Once this battle is over, Professor E. Gadd will set up his portable lab. He will then inform you that you need to pick up something important from his hotel room, located on the 5th floor.

3. Take a briefcase

Luigi 's Villa 3

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Leave the garage and head for the elevator. When you get inside, press the 5th floor button. You’ll have to head to Room 508, where you’ll find a spooky maid sorting out Professor E. Gadd’s things. She likes that briefcase you sent to pick up and swallows it so you don’t get it. Once he does, he will escape through the wall.

She is now hiding in room 507. If you lose track of where she is going, use your Dark Light to find her trail. To cause damage, vacuum the briefcase and then slam the maid. He’ll run to another room when this is over. You will have to find her several times and reduce her health until she is ready to catch. Once he enters Poltergust, you can grab a briefcase. When you own it, take it to the lab. It turned out that there was Google in the briefcase.

4. Complete the Google Guide

Screenshot of Luigi's Mansion 3

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When you return to Professor E. Gadd, the lunatic locks Luigi in a cage and forces him to use Gooigi to escape. Keep in mind that Google can walk through bars, but it dissolves when it lands on water. There are several puddles in the garage, so you’ll want to maneuver it through these areas until you get to the wheel lock on the right. Use his gooey version of Poltergust to turn the lock, freeing Luigi from the cage. Now your guide is complete and you can use Google whenever you want.

How to switch from 1 player to 2 players?

Now that cooperation for 2 players is possible, here’s how to do it.

  1. Press + button on your switch to open the Virtual Boo menu.

    Press + on the Nintendo Switch

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  2. Select Cooperative.

    Luigi's Mansion 3 Cooperative

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  3. When the following screen appears, select Cooperative again.

    Luigi's Mansion 3 Cooperative

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  4. This screen will appear. If players use their own sets of controllers, everyone should press their own L and R keys at the same time. If you are both using half of the Joy-Con set, press the SL and SR keys.

    Luigi's Villa 3 with the addition of more players

    Joy-Cons L and R buttonsSL and SR keys on the Joy-ConsSource: iMore

  5. Luigi and Gooigi are now ready to go. Enjoy your haunted hunt!!

    Luigi and Gooigi Luigi's Mansion 3

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There you go. Gooigi and Luigi are now ready to play. If you are playing alone, press the right joystick to switch between the two characters. If you want to play a local co-op for 2 players, hand the controller over to a friend and explore this haunted hotel together.

I see dead people

Luigi's Mansion 3 boxes art

Luigi ‘s Villa 3

Defeat ghosts while looking for your friends

Luigi, Peach, Mario and a couple of frogs spend the night in a huge hotel. But when the sun goes down, things get spooky in a very stupid way. Go through the hotel and save your friends while playing alone or in a co-op for 2 players.

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