Here’s a Marvel cartoon that could have been

Captain America shows up with World War II soldiers and planes in the background.

A lot of Marvel cartoons have passed decades, and will be to continue to be more as his characters transform into greater qualities. However, we don’t always hear about Marvel cartoons don’t happen, of which there are probably many. Ali Brad Graeber, CEO Castlevania creators Powerhouse Animation, decided to draw the curtain on a Marvel show the studio had previously tried to make.

To coincide with Marvel’s then 75th anniversary in 2014, Graeber introduced the “Marvel Era,” a short anthology series that would have a different short film inspired by various Marvel eras. On Twitter, Graeber explained that each episode or short short film would come with its own style of animation to suit a particular decade – Captain America would be in the style of the Fleischer cartoons of the ’40s, Power Man and Iron Fist. them. The most interesting of these is probably the X-Men from the 60s, which he partially made Castevania directed by Sam Deats.

In addition to the work the studio was doing at the time for various animated Disney projects, Graeber was asked by Disney directors to present some concepts, and The era was one that everyone in the studio gathered quickly. Keep in mind, it was all at a time when Powerhouse wasn’t … well, a powerful house that today thanks to projects like Castlevania or Six hands. As passionate as the studio may be, Graeber openly admits that the studio did not have the money or time needed to fully refine the project, although what it has in the subject itself is incredibly impressive. He even decided to set up an animation on the theme of the X-Men from the 90s, which is a pretty fun coincidence.

The other thing the Marvel Era was in, not surprisingly, was Marvel itself. At the time, MCU was still just a small collection of movies, and Disney’s publisher acquisition all fell apart. As Graeber himself explains, “study policy was complicated, and we were green.”

Of course, the Powerhouse eventually got hold of it Castlevania and the rest is history, but don’t you want us to have this too?

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