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As of Sept. 15, anyone who once subscribed to HBO through their Amazon Prime Video account will have their subscription canceled as part of the contract was terminated by HBO’s parent company, WarnerMedia, to remove channels from Prime Video’s Channels.

Previously, a placement agreement that ensured HBO’s presence in the Amazon Channels store allowed users to access regular HBO programming within the Amazon Fire TV user interface, allowing users to easily sign in through their Amazon accounts. But the deal resulted in “the main stumbling block“During the negotiations to get to HBO Max, the company’s primary streaming service, its own apps on the Amazon Fire TV platform – prompting WarnerMedia to completely pull HBO off the” channel “in an effort to evict middlemen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the exodus will amount to approximately 5 million canceled HBO subscriptions, which previously allowed users to subscribe individually through Amazon’s platform of independent channels for $ 15 a month. But that loss will pay off, WarnerMedia concluded, if it means a move to make HBO Max the primary entry point for subscribers looking to access its proprietary streaming content.

In an interview with Bloomberg in August, Andy Forssell, CEO of HBO Max, said short-term removal makes sense in the long run if it means the company can consolidate its approach to nurture a more direct relationship with consumers.

“It’s important for us to own a customer,” Forssell said. “If the viewer is in the app, we can customize the homepage for him. We can adjust what they show them next. We can answer that in real time. ”

As part of an agreement reached between WarnerMedie and Amazon, HBO Max will now be available for access as a standalone app on Amazon Fire TVs, and anyone who has purchased an HBO subscription through the channel platform will be able to access HBO Max for an additional cost. According to an unnamed CEO of WarnerMedia who spoke to The Hollywood Reporter, everyone who had a subscription to HBO canceled through Amazon will be entitled to a pro rata refund based on their last billing cycle, and will also be eligible to receive an indefinite special offer after unsubscribing.

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