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When I found tears in my eyes five minutes after the first episode Hawkeye, I took it as a good sign. The latest Marvel studio show is finally here on Disney +, with the first two episodes now airing. He’s researching how Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) handles life ua mail Avengers: Endgame the world while also being shown how his heroism is affected a young, wealthy New York girl named Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld).

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The first two episodes gave us light, airy, canvas for those two radically different personalities and views to evolve. And while the story, at least initially, isn’t ultra compelling, the potential to see how the two characters will change each other is strong. Those aforementioned, and somewhat embarrassing, tears came in the first scene of the show. We quickly realize that Kate Bishop was in New York when Loki and Chitauri attacked in 2012, as seen in the original The Avengers film, and that it completely shattered her life. She lost her father (Brian d’Arcy James) and could have lost her own life had it not been for one arrow fired by an Avenger named Hawkeye. The way the episode took advantage of a very recognizable moment from the finale of that film and gave it a whole new meaning by putting Kate on the opposite side, really hit me in the heart. You understand immediately why would he take a bow and arrow and so adore Hawkey. He literally saved her life. In addition, I found it touching to see that events from the MCU, even from the first phase, still have repercussions in new and unexpected ways.

You also had to appreciate how the introductory spikes helped to improve the story by showing it Kate goes through all types of training,, like fencing, martial arts, i of course shooting. So when we meet her in current-days, now played by Steinfeld, we already have an idea of ​​who she is: a a girl who all her life aspired to be a superhero, even if she currently uses those skills for college pranks that result in the destruction of an invaluable clock tower.

Fortunately for Kate, her mother Eleanor (Vera Farmiga) is very rich. So when Kate goes home for Christmas, Mom is angry, but she can handle it. She also explains that Kate’s wealth and youth give her self-confidence, which is probably not a good thing. Eleanor says Kate may think she’s invincible, but she’s not. It is a moment that immediately warns the audience to Kate’s crazy privilege, and it really makes a difference her from most other heroes in MCU. Maybe it’s on Hawkeye show, but she’s more of Tony Stark than Clint Barton.

Kate Bishop smiles in the snow.

Save clock tower!
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Speaking of Clint, he’s also in New York for Christmas, where he participates in a Broadway show with these three, now looking much older, kids. They saw Rogers the Musical, which is really funny and hilarious to us, the audience, but not so much Clint. The sight of Natasha Romanoff, even in the form of a musical theater, still causes trauma in him. Even in the bathroom on the show, Clint continues to cope with the weight of her life. From a fan looking for a selfie at the urinal to a graffiti that said “Thanos was right,You can say that he is not even close to being cured of everything. Even good things, like a restaurant preparing dinner as a token of gratitude, workdon’t sit with him. Moments like this at the beginning Hawkeye works to show us Clint in a brand new vulnerable, way.

Kate, on the other hand, has her problems. At the super posh party she was dressed at in a suit instead of the dress my mother asked her to wear, she learns that her mother is engaged to a man named Jack Duquesne (You better call Saulwith Tony Dalton) who has a penchant for swords – a hint at the identity of his comic book character as Jacques Duquesne, the is a Swordsman, which we will come to later. He also has a controversial relationship with his uncle Armond (Simon Callow), who himself has some strange, equally controversial feelings for Eleanor. It’s all very weird, so Kate decides to explore and comes across a black market auction in a wine cellar where you can buy things like skull triceratops … or Ronin’s retractable sword, known as Hawkey’s vengeful personality during the Blip. Apparently Ronin / Hawkey’s sword was pulled from the rubble left over The Avengers‘the last battle with Thanos, and now Armond and Jack want it too. Armond wins with a bid of just under half a million dollars, but before he can raise, the gang breaks the auction by asking to watch. In the chaos, Jack steals the sword and slips away, while Kate finds Ronin’s clothes, puts them on and breaks a bunch of asses.

Unfortunately, Hawkeye’s Ronin persona has many, many enemies around the world, especially in New York City. So, once Ronina sees someone from the New York underground, the season is open. Kate, who is in a suit, he still doesn’t know. She just thought it was a cool costume. She uses it to sneak into Armond’s apartment to hopefully find out more about his relationship with Jack and her mom. However, Kate finds more than just some of Armond’s strangely monogrammed butterscotch. He finds Armond’s dead body, stabbed with a sword. Very quickly, Kate realizes that being Ronin is probably not a good thing. Luckily, more and more bad guys are coming out of the woodsThe job of finding her was saved, you guessed it, by Clint Barton. Her hero. And that clause about the final meeting of our two main roles goes right into the second episode.

Kate and Clint talk in Kate's apartment.

Will you sign my bow?
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The second episode starts right there, and Clint desperately wants to get there returned his Ronin clothes and put on the whole part of his life behind him. Before he manages to win, the mob finds Kate in tracksuits, thinking she’s Ronin’s past, and tries to kill her. She and Clint escape, but leave the suit behind, wthat’s the point at which Clint realizes that “a girl in a ninja costume stole my Christmas.” Now they will have to return the suit and make sure all the criminals are not chasing this girl. He will also have to take the sword, but that has not yet appeared in the story (but there is to, right?).

One of the biggest problems with Hawkeye is that the motivation for what will basically be the strength of the whole show is not immediately obvious. It took me a few minutes to figure out why Clint felt like she had to put her kids on the plane and spend this time with Kate. Indeed, it’s only at the end of the second episode that you realize how big a thing it is for Clint’s Ronin stuff to be in the world again and how it will make him deal with the demons he avoided. The fact that this young girl is in the middle of it all only further complicates matters. That she adores him and wants to learn adds another layer –aand that he promised his family that he would do all this in less than a week to be home for Christmas is just the icing on the cake. It also doesn’t help, after she returned to Kate she is now burned-down in the apartment, Ronin’s suit was gone. Clint realizes he was taken by the first responder, who is also a live role player, leading him to go to LARPevent in Central Park. The scene was, frankly, a bit exaggerated and funny, but to see the Avengers walking in slow motion through all these knights, ninjas and witches was too funny. He also wins a friend in Grills (Clayton English), who took Ronin outfit and gives return him on condition that he be allowed to “kill” the Avengers.

There was also a really significant moment in the episode when Clint and Kate (who for the most part of this episode dressed as David S. Pumpkins) walk through Times Square. A few people dressed as Avengers are there, but there is no Falcon’s Eye, so Kate tries to explain to Clint why he is not as popular as some of his Avengers colleagues. She says that the fact that he is so mysterious can only take him so far, and the fact that he does not show his emotions harms his brand. Clint says she doesn’t want to have a brand, but Kate explains that part of the Avengers ’job is to inspire, and Clint’s lack of open honesty just isn’t as inspiring as the others. It will be interesting to see how this conversation about Hawkey’s Mysticism fits into everything that will happen in the next few episodes. We assume that by the end Hawkeye will be wearing that heart on their sleeve as Kate suggests.

Clint and Kate talk outside the subway.

Subway time.
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How is Clint LARPing, Kate meets her imminent stepDad, Jack. She has long since decided not to trust him and proves that he is hiding something when the two of them decide to fence themselves off, like you do in the middle of a plush penthouse in Manhattan. It’s Kate so but she’s good at fencing, to know that Jack lets her win and stay. It is a fact he finally acknowledges, which makes sense; as we mentioned earlier, in the comics, Jack Duquesne is a performer who became a criminal named Swordsman. Duquesne even coached young Clint Barton, though we don’t know if that will be part of his experience at Hawkeye, or whether Swordsman will be part of his future in the show, yet. In fact, we don’t know much about his motivations at all, only that he is suspicious of them.

We also learn that Jack has one of Armond’s butterscotch treats—aand that, along with his swordsmanship, leads Kate to believe he had something to do with Armond’s murder … the murder, she learns, authorities think Ronin was involved. Kate leaves and wants to tell Clint about her findings only to find out that he has been captured. However, he actually allowed himself to be captured by the mafia tracksuit in order to, hopefully, smooth things over Ronin. He progresses until the desired Avenger Kate comes to him to save him. Now they are both caught and the episode ends with the presentation of the mafia leader in tracksuits, Maya Lopez, played by Alaqua Cox. in comics, Maya Lopez iis the character of Echo, who has connections not only with Ronin but also with Kingpin and others. She too a new Marvel Disney + series is coming out. Well that’s exciting!

At the end of these first two episodes Hawkeye, a few things stand van. It was great to see Kate and Clint present different views on super heroism. Clint has gone through a lot of pain because of this, and even good rewards don’t seem worthwhile to him. Kate, on the other hand, only sees that glow and glamorr of that and wants a piece for himself, the circumstances are damned. It’s also interesting and belated, even just one or two removed films, that Clint actually suffers the consequences for the time he spent as a murderous Ronin. That whole chapter of his life is something Endgame barely touched, and it is very welcome to get an insight into his psychological trauma. Besides, the way Clint’s wife Laura (Linda Cardellini) feels so comfortable with his exploits at the moment, and even helps him with it, is a nice comparison to the crazy things that also happen. As for the story of Jack and some murder and the like? Eh. I could take it or leave it at this point. But if we can see Kate’s extremes wide …the excitement of the eyes and Clint’s cynical professionalism begin to merge into both characters? Well, that could create some really exciting stuff.

New episodes Hawkeye debut Wednesdays at Disney +.

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