Halloween Sale: Keysbuff deals include Windows 10 for just $ 14

This announcement of the sale of the software activation key is presented by Keysbuff.

Cult Maca readers get great deals from Keysbuff software activation key vendors. You can save up to 80% off the full price on Windows 10 and many other Microsoft software products in the Keysbuff sale for Halloween. Just use the promo code WITH at to get an additional 28% discount on already low key prices for Windows 10 Pro Global, Microsoft Office 2019 Pro and others listed below. You can buy many products with lifetime licenses.

Keysbuff offers Windows 10 Pro and higher

Get the original key to permanently activate Windows 10 for only $ 14 on Keysbuff. Then you can get a free upgrade to Windows 11.
Photo: Keysbuff

Just take a look at these great deals for Microsoft software!

Windows 10:

Microsoft office:

Windows 10+ Microsoft Office:

Windows 11+ Office 2021

These offers are time-limited offers up to 80% off full prices

To take advantage of the special Halloween sale prices, act fast. These offers – in some cases up to 80% off full prices – are time-limited offers. Stocks of these activation software keys are also limited.

Also note that the keys sold by Keysbuff are activated on software downloaded from the official website of the software vendor or are activated directly on the official website.

Parallels Desktop with Windows 11
Get the latest update for Windows 11 today.
Photo: Parallels

Purchase and activation processes

Keysbuff’s purchase and activation process is easy to follow. On the purchase page for the software activation key for the product you want, just click Buy now button. Then you can sign up on Keysbuff to continue, or apply quickly for the first time. You will receive a link to activate the software via email.

Software activation is a simple process. For example, let’s say you want to activate a Microsoft Office suite. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official Microsoft Office Software page.
  2. Enter your Microsoft credentials (or create a profile if you don’t already have an account).
  3. Then enter the purchased product key in the appropriate field (from the Keysbuff email you received after purchase).
  4. After selecting the language and region, click Next to complete activation.
  5. You can now install Microsoft Office on your PC.
Purchasing and activating software keys from Keysbuff is easy.
Purchasing and activating software keys is easy.
Screenshot: Keysbuff

Free upgrade to Windows 11

Keysbuff offers amazing software at an affordable price. So let’s say you’re thinking about making a custom computer. You can buy the Windows 10 activation software key at now and get a for free upgrade to Windows 11. Then your new machine will buzz along with the latest operating system and all its improvements.

And Keysbuff says that if you encounter any problems before or after your purchase, just contact customer support via email at [email protected]

What is a Keysbuff?

Keysbuff offers a range of software keys to activate productivity software. It also sells games for a number of platforms, including Steam, Origin, Ubisoft Connect and PlayStation. The company sells network cards, gift cards, PC games, expansion packs and, of course, many different software activation keys.

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