Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, Trouble

In this scene from Moonfall, an astronaut played by Patrick Wilson prepares to swallow a mysterious substance.

Hey, a little mysterious mixture from space didn’t hurt anyone!
Picture: Lionsgate

Opening Roland Emmerich’s new disaster film, Moonfall, has it all: Halle berry, beautiful space images, astronauts, a rotating shuttle, Patrick Wilson dancing, runaway killer goo, “Africa” by Toth. indeed, if you haven’t been on board for this movie before, this clip should be good.

Moonfall the lead roles are interpreted by Berry and Wilson as astronauts who are in little trouble. They are the only people on our planet equipped to fight the threat that the Moon will crash to Earth and destroy everything. However, as you’ll see in the first five minutes of the film, it’s not the moon itself that seeks blood. It’s something else.

So, yes, some kind of black gooey substance randomly erupts from the moon, kills an astronaut, destroys a satellite, and leaves Berry and Wilson’s characters half alive and with more questions than answers. From there, the film will return to Earth where Berry’s character thinks he knows how to save the planet, but only Wilson’s character and the conspiracy theorist he plays Game of Thrones‘John Bradley, trust her.

That scenario sounds a bit a new comedy about climate change Don’t look up and should be assumed Moonfall there’s a little bit of that “Hey, look, we’re all going to die if you don’t believe science” angle for that. But unlike Don’t look up, here we are talking about a film by Roland Emmerich. The same Roland Emmerich who brought us Independence Day, 2012 i The day after tomorrow. (He’s also the guy behind Stargate, universal soldier i Matthew Broderick in the lead role Godzilla). Things will explode and fall to the ground and the audience will adore every second of it.

If you want even more Moonfall, Bradley’s character, KC Houseman, has his own conspiracy theory website that works and works: It’s full of little jokes about what to expect when Moonfall arrives in theaters on February 4th. Here’s a taste of the conspiracy.

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