Grid Studio turns old iPhones into a work of art

The iPhone X, launched in 2017, changed the game just like the original iPhone. It marked a significant shift in the design language of the iPhone and introduced a new motion-based navigation system. If you’re an Apple fan and want to own a piece of history, you should take a look at the Grid Studio offering.

The company lives up to its slogan – Every classic deserves to be framed – by disassembling the legendary iPhone and other Apple products and framing them so you can proudly display them in your home or office. Every part of the disassembled iPhone is marked and detailed for your viewing pleasure. The experience is like a painting you see in a museum where its importance and history are usually written below.

Below is what my Grid X unit looks like:

Grid Studio X

There’s a completely dismantled iPhone X with marked parts showing the Taptic Engine, Face ID scanner and more. Grid Studio didn’t just set up all the parts and tag them. Instead, they are all appropriately organized, with certain key specifications being particularly emphasized.

It is one thing to use an iPhone and another to see all of its interiors beautifully marked and decorated. This makes you appreciate how far smartphones have come and how they can pack so much in a small package.

The Steve Jobs quote is also a nice touch and adds value to the whole package.

GridStudio X Quote by Steve Jobs

The frame from Grid Studio comes in an excellent package, which further enhances the feeling that you have received something special.

GridStudio Packaging

My unit came with a little dust inside, but it was easy to remove the plastic panel and clean it with a microfiber cloth.

Grid Studio provides all the necessary equipment for mounting the frame on the wall, including two drywall hooks. The frame is also light enough to mount using the command bars if that’s what you want.

If you’re a nerd or a big iPhone fan, Grid Studio frames are perfect for showing off your nerd to the world. Plus, you get a chance to own a piece of history, because the original iPhone, iPhone X, etc., will all be considered cult smartphones that have changed the industry forever.

In addition to the iPhone, Grid Studio sells frames for legendary smartphones from Samsung, Nokia, Google, and even game consoles such as Game Boy Color, Game Boy and more. Prices for most frames range from $ 179, which is more, but I see it as an art whose value will only grow over time.

Grid 1, which features the original iPhone, is a limited edition with only 999 units available. It is also more expensive than other frames and costs $ 399, and Grid Studio offers a $ 100 discount for Apple employees who worked on the original iPhone. You can see the entire collection of frames from Grid Studio here.

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