Green with envy for the gray space peripherals [Setups]

If Apple takes something away, people want it more. We see this in the persistent longing for space gray peripherals – Magic Trackpad, Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2 – which the technology giant from Cupertino stopped selling separately last year after the abolition of the iMac Pro.

After the launch of the 2018 space gray iMac Pro with associated peripherals that are exclusive to it, the owners have discovered that they can sell dark input devices for crazy money. So Apple jumped into that market, charging a slight premium over the silver versions, but not forever. But space gray equipment still carries some cache.

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I adore those gray space peripherals

“I really wish I had bought that series of keyboards and trackpads when they made them,” one astonished Redditor commented on Hennerz_19’s post about the setup, which features a space gray Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad paired with M1 MacBook Pro and dual screens. “Nice setting!”

“They were expensive, but they paid off,” said another. “Space Gray Magic Mouse is 🔥”

“Thank you!” Hennerz replied. “Yeah, I really like the keyboard and the trackpad, I didn’t even know they stopped selling this option.”

Will he come back?

Another commenter pointed out that “they are being maintained, when the next iMac comes out, we will return them.” Well maybe.

Of course, the new iMacs came out in rainbow colors. Rumors suggest that the iMac Pro could return this year with an M-series processor – maybe even with two powerful chips.

We’ll have to see what else Apple could do with the spatial gray.

MacBook Pro and Xbox with two monitors

Hennerz is launching a 13-inch M1 MacBook Pro 2020, plus an 11-inch M1 iPad Pro and Xbox Series X, with two screens. One is a 28-inch Samsung ultra-hi-def 4K monitor with a BenQ lamp on top. The other is a 24-inch BenQ Zowie 1080p gaming monitor. Hennerz mounted two screens on two Amazon Basics monitor stands, keeping them away from the Ikea Karlby desktop.

The ever-popular CalDigit TS3 Plus Thunderbolt Dock, with its 15 ports and 87W of charging power for laptops and other equipment, is capable of solving network tasks.

And pay attention to the beautiful chair. This is the Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair – an outstanding and expensive set in itself, with advanced features for comfort and coolness (here we are talking about temperature, but maybe another type).

If you’re not jealous of the space gray Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, maybe that killer chair will turn you green with envy.

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