Great iOS 15 hidden features you need to know

After Apple officially announced iOS 15 on WWDC, it is finally available for download. The next generation of iOS is full of attention-grabbing features, such as focus mode, iCloud +, privacy reports, live text, and more. However, the story of iOS 15 doesn’t end here. You may have missed some tweaks and some smart hidden features in iOS 15. So we’ve put together a list of some great hidden features in iOS 15 to make the most of the new features for your iPhone.

We’ve already covered the best iOS 15 features, and in this article we’ll focus on the lesser-known and secret iOS 15 features coming to your iPhone later this year.

1. Enable widget suggestions

iOS 14 introduced widget support on the home screen in iOS 14. Apple is further upgrading that experience in iOS 15 by adding widget suggestions to the widget heap menu.

If you have multiple widgets stacked on top of each other, iOS 15 will offer a widget suggestion for the pile based on your usage and preferences.

Simply long press the widget and select Edit Stack. Enable Widget suggestions switch from the next menu. In the few days of testing iOS 15, we were constantly getting a Sige widget suggestion in a series of widgets on the home screen.

widget suggestion in iOS 15

2. Apply wallpaper to Safari

Safari gets several user interface changes with iOS 15. In addition to now switching tabs, multiple tabs, and drag-and-drop to refresh, users can now add wallpapers of their choice or choose from the built-in wallpaper collection to enhance the browser look in advance.

Open Safari and scroll down. Select Edit and enable Background image switch from the next menu. Either select a wallpaper from the suggested options or add a new one from the gallery using + button.

add a background to the safari

3. Create a custom focus mode

Apple has introduced a new Focus mode in iOS 15 that allows you to separate your private and business lives in terms of apps and their notifications.

By default, Apple offers multiple Focus profiles, such as home, work, driving, etc., to choose from. You can also start creating a custom focus profile based on their requirements.

Simply open the control center and press and hold Focus mode. Select + at the bottom and select Custom from the next menu. Here you can give a Focus profile a relevant name, icon, color, select the people and apps you want notifications for when focus is on, enable / disable time-sensitive notifications, and customize the home screen for that Focus profile only.

We’ve seen people create custom focus profiles for writing, coding, yoga, running and more.

create a custom focus mode

4. Smart list in reminders

This is one of our favorite add-ons in iOS 15. The Reminder List gets a new add-on called Smart List. And yes, it’s really smart and provides enough automation to play.

When creating a list, you can turn it into a smart list by setting rules based on location, flag, priority, date, time, and priority. Only reminders that contain filters will be displayed within this smart list.

We’ve created a smart grocery list and added a set of flag and medium priority rules for the current month. Whenever we create a task or reminder that meets the additional requirements on the Smart Grocery List, it will automatically be added to the grocery list in the Reminders app.

We can’t wait to see how users will use it when iOS 15 launches later this year.

smart list in reminders

5. Drag and drop over apps

This is another hidden feature of iOS 15 that is useful in certain scenarios. Let’s say you’re writing an email and want to attach a picture from Photos.

Instead of adding an image from the Mail app, you can open the Photos app, long press the image, and hold it in a floating position with one hand. Use the other hand to open the multi-task menu, select the Mail app, and drop the image there to email it.

Using the drag trick, you can move text, web links, and videos from one application to another.

6. Check the Image EXIF ​​details in the Photos app

iOS 15 finally allows users to view image details such as location, time, size and more from the Photos app.

Open a photo in Photos and tap ‘i‘button at the bottom. In the screenshot below, we opened the photo sent to WhatsApp, and the image was taken by DJI Mini 2.

You can see where the photo was saved from, date, time, MP camera, resolution, image size, ISO, shooting speed, aperture and location attached to the photo. You can also manually set the date and time for the photo.

image details in iOS 15

7. New timer menu

Instead of scrolling infinitely in the time selection menu to select a specific time, you can now tap it and add the time using the numeric keypad on the keyboard. It is one of those hidden iOS 15 features that has a big impact on usability.

8. Enable iCloud Private Relay

The private relay hides your IP address and Safari browsing activities from network service providers and websites so no one, including Apple, can see who you are and which sites you visit.

It is basically deprived of the VPN service that is offered. Private relay is only available with paid iCloud plans. You can enable options from Settings> Profile> iCloud> Private Relay to me.

iCloud private reliance

9. Create tab groups in Safari

This hidden feature of iOS 15 is copied directly from Microsoft Edge. Like Edge Collections, you can create a specific group that contains web pages and give it a relevant name. It is very useful during research and shopping on the web.

When multiple tabs are open, tap Tabs menu at the bottom and select New group of cards from x cards option. Give it a name and you’re all ready to sync the group across all the devices running Safari.

create card groups in safari

10. Access Spotlight from the lock screen

Spotlight now uses intelligence to search for photos by location, people, scenes, or objects. Using live text, Spotlight can also find text and handwriting in photos. Spotlight now offers image search on the web and brand new rich results for actors, musicians, TV shows and movies.

Searching for contacts via Spotlight also got a change of user interface. It now displays recent conversations, shared photos, and even their location if shared via Find My.

It makes sense for Apple to allow users to access Spotlight from other places. With iOS 15, you can take advantage of Spotlight locked screen search. Use the same drag-and-drop motion on the lock screen and start using Spotlight Search. This is one secret feature of iOS 15 that will make your life easier every day.

access the spotlights from the lock screen

11. Drag apps from Spotlight to the home screen

In iOS 15, it is possible to drag an app from a Spotlight search or suggestion and place it on the home screen.

12. Remove the person’s suggestion from memory

Users can already choose Suggest fewer memories like this when browsing memory in For you the “Photos” section, or remove a photo entirely from the photo suggestion, but you can now choose to show a specific person less often.

they suggest a person less

When browsing For you section of the hotoPhotos application‌, you can long press a photo with a person and select Highlight the person less the ability to prevent that person from appearing so often. The Remove from highlighted “Photos” This option prevents a specific photo from reappearing.

13. Resize text per application

In iOS 14, you can resize text in all applications. iOS 15 now allows you to keep resizing text only for a specific app. Keep the app open while you use it Text size switch with Control center.

resize text per application

You can keep the changed text size in the app only, or apply the change to all apps on iPhone.

14. Batch edit of date and time in photos

As mentioned above, you can change the default date and time on a specific photo in the Photos app. You can also select multiple images in the Photos app and select the Share button at the top.

edit image details

Select Edit the date and time from the next menu and change the details.

15. Email from the camera

This is part of Apple’s Live Text feature. When you try to compose an email in the default Email app, the keyboard will offer the option to scan the ID of the email using the default camera on iPhone.

iOS 15 camera email

Use the Email button from the camera and it will open the camera interface directly into the Email app. Scan an email ID from a business card or billboard, and Live Text will automatically read and add an email address in the Email app.

16. Turn off the private relay for a specific Wi-Fi connection

With iOS 15, Apple has added several features related to the privacy of subscriptions to iCloud. One of them is iCloud Private Relay which monitors your internet connection and prevents third party tracking. In some cases, this can slow down the speed of the internet connection on the iPhone.

turn off the icloud private relay on WiFi

Fortunately, Apple has added the ability to turn off the private Wi-Fi relay. Just open it Settings app on iPhone and go to Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi network and turn off iCloud private relay from the next menu.

17. Improved AirPrint

With a surprising move, Apple has dramatically improved the AirPrint interface with new options and features. When you try to print a document or webpage, the print interface will offer new options, including gifts, copies, orientation, and more.

airprint new user interface in ios 15

18. Remove the Home screen pages

With iOS 14, Apple has offered the option of hiding the home screen pages on the iPhone. With iOS 15, you can remove the home screen pages completely from the default interface.

remove the homepage in iOS 15

Long press on the blank screen on the home screen and select the menu of dots above the Dock. First disable the home screen page you want to hide and tap ‘‘in the upper left corner to remove the home screen page.

19. Make the location visible when the power is off

This is one of the best features of iOS 15. When you turn off the iPhone, the device will go into power reserve mode which is why it will work as an AirTag. During Power Back mode, your iPhone can be tracked via Find My app on other Apple devices.

This is very handy if someone steals your iPhone and turns it off. You can still track it via the Find My feature from another Apple device. According to Apple, users can track an iPhone event after resetting to factory settings.

20. Hide the IP address from all web pages

iOS 15 now allows you to hide your IP address from both the trainer and the website. Open up Settings app on iPhone and go to Safari > Privacy and security > Hide IP address and select Search engines and websites from the next menu.

hide IP address from site

The above list of hidden features of iOS 15 is just the tip of the iceberg. Apple has introduced more than 80+ features and changes to iOS 15. Let us know which of your favorite iOS 15s is hidden in the comments below.

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