Grant Gustin on Arrowverse’s Armageddon Crossover

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For Arrowverse fans, it’s a repetitive gag that you can blame Barry Allen for constantly changing the timeline for anything that goes wrong. Wake up like a completely different person? Blame Barry. It is he now has superpowers and your life is bad? Blame Barry. Multiverse is in danger? Blame Barry, even if it’s just a movie version. And what is the incident that has prompted the coming weeks? “Armageddon”Crossover? Guess what.

In an interview with TV line, Grant Gustin talked about how his Scarlet Speedster would cross with the villain of the crossover, Tony Curran as Desper. After the past seven seasons, Barry has “grown significantly” for the eighth season and can deal with old enemies like the Royal Flush Gang without a problem, but then Despero shows up and claims Barry has to die to prevent some bad shit. “Barry tries to tell Desper that this is simply not possible,” says Gustin, “but there is enough evidence that Despero gives to leave Barry quite worried that this future is something that power in the end it happens. ”

Is the evidence half The Flash’s existence? From the above examplee to relatively small changes such as deleting the birth of daughter John Diggle Sarah or it becomes his own enemy, Barry changes the timeline all the time … the line. (At this point, Barry could probably sneeze and cause an earthquake.) Anyway, Despero was ready to kill Barry to interrupt that event at the pass, which means inviting some old friends to help with the new villain.

The circle of guest stars begins Brandon Routh’s the sympathetic Legend of Tomorrow Ray Palmer, who had his first crossover The Flash. “It was fun, because only two old friends catch up for a while, until Despero shows up.” When Ray leaves, other heroes like Black Lightning Cress Williams, Batwoman Javic Leslie and Green Arrow Mie Smoak will join the fight. Gustin promises that the five-week event will be charged below flash, The appearance of the other characters should help it feel like a real crossover, just like in the old days. “It’s not just independent. We will see many different characters in the same episodes in the same scenes at the same time. ”

“Armageddon” carries its own importance beyond its difficult title, as it is the first complete crossover for the Arrowverse since the pandemic. As the schedules of five different shows did not have to be balanced, Density was easier, but not by much, especially since he had to miss two weeks after the birth of the child. “It was in a way the most challenging part Flash I have had it since the first season, ”he recalls. “My schedule was packed for about six weeks. But it was cool – it definitely looked like a crossover event, but it all happened “at home” for us. “

The Flash’s The Armageddon crossover starts on November 16.

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