Google’s ‘Pixel watch’ is scheduled to launch in 2022 to compete with the Apple Watch

Google plans to launch its first smartwatch next year, according to a new report Business Insider, signaling Google’s expansion into creating smartwatch hardware, not just software.

So far, Google has only developed wearOS, an operating system that the company has implemented in partnership with Samsung and others to offer smart watches. Next year, however, Google is planning its first watch codenamed “Rohan”. According to the report, the watch will have a rounded design without a frame.

Earlier in April, YouTube personality Jon Prosser posted renderings of what the alleged watch might look like. Prosser said the watch could be launched in October, but has not yet materialized.

pixel clock prosser leak

Branding the “Pixel Watch” would match Google’s product line, but the report says it’s not clear which Google name to choose in the end. The “Pixel Watch”, like the Apple Watch, will help users monitor their health and fitness, but it remains unknown to what extent.

Apple released the Apple Watch in 2015, and in the years since, the watch has gained new features and functionality. It is unlikely that the “Pixel Watch” will include some advanced sensors, such as ECG or oxygen in the blood, in its first iteration, unlike the latest Apple Watch.

He reviewed internal documents Business Insider indicate that Google wants to target the masses for its watch. The company’s document allegedly states that “insufficient size completely excludes some users from wearable handheld devices” and that it intends to design a watch that is “comfortable to wear for at least 90% of the population”.

Google employees talking Business Insider Google aims to launch in the spring of 2022, but that time frame is subject to change based on feedback from a select group of employees using the new watch.

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