Google’s original Nest Hub drops to $ 40 at Best Buy

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If you wanted to add settings to your Google Now without spending too much money, Best Buy has a new way to do it. The retailer has the original Nest Hub smart screen for $ 40, or $ 50 lower than the usual price. This gadget came out in 2018 and has since been replaced by the second-generation Nest Hub for sleep tracking — but if you’re willing to skip a few new features, you can get a mostly similar device at one of the best-priced videos.

Buy Nest Hub (first generation) at the best price – 40 USD

We gave the original Nest Hub, formerly known as the Google Home Hub, a rating of 87 when it first came out due to its lovely 7-inch screen, charming minimalist design and added privacy thanks to the lack of a camera. It’s a great smart alarm clock, even if it’s slightly larger than something like Echo Show 5, but it also won’t look out of place on your kitchen counter. It can even act as a digital photo frame if you use Google’s Live Albums feature. In addition, you can control smart home devices from the touch screen, and it will display summaries from Nest security cameras so you can more easily log in to any area of ​​your home.

So what will you miss if you opt for the previous generation device instead of the new $ 100 Nest Hub? It comes down to three main things: Salt motion sensor, improved sound and a faster Google Assistant. The salt sensor allows you to control movement as well as sleep tracking so you can place the Nest Hub on your nightstand and monitor things like sleep time, sleep quality and snoring. We weren’t impressed with the capabilities of the night-tracking device, but we expect improvements in future software updates.

In terms of sound and Assistant, the new Nest Hub has the same audio system as the Nest Audio Speaker, so it’s a big improvement over the original. In addition, the built-in machine learning chip allows the Assistant to respond more quickly to queries and commands. All in all, the latest Nest Hub is an improvement over the original, but the first-generation device remains a solid option if you have a limited budget or think you can safely skip the latest upgrades.

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