Google wants to simplify the tricky process of assigning addresses in rural areas

There are many places in the world that do not have an address system, which can limit the opportunities available to people living and working in these areas. Without an address, you can’t get mail or packages, nor can you vote or sign up for bank accounts, for example. An ambulance can’t even find you easily if you don’t have an address. Google’s system of open source plus codes has been in place since 2015 to help assign addresses to places, matching string and number with a set of latitudes and longitudes.

But, according to Google, “earlier, creating years for an entire town or village could have taken years.” The company is today releasing a new tool called Address Maker that would facilitate the mass production of these codes by governments and organizations. Google said governments and NGOs (NGOs) in Kenya, India, South Africa and the U.S. are already using address makers, “with multiple partners on the go.”

Anyone can enter one of these codes, which look like “P2J5 + 7C”, into Google Maps and see where that place is or get directions. For people who already have long or complicated addresses, this might be helpful in finding your contacts in the right place. If you’ve ever tried to send a package to an industrial area in a country you’re unfamiliar with, Plus Codes will probably also help.


The address book is a free Android application and has shortened the long process to a few weeks, Google said. Based on the animated drawing, it seems that you can draw segments on the map and add addresses for multiple structures within the area at once. For more help, you can check out the Google page, especially if you’re part of a local government or NGO.

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