Google shares the best search trends in 2021

Google has released an annual review of key search trends and topics this year, which provides a somewhat dizzying reminder of all the things that happened in 2021 – which really only seems to last a few months.

Google’s 2021 Search Trends mini-page includes information on all key topics of interest, including overall searches and news.

As you can see here, through the mini-page you can sort the lists by regions, providing a more concrete insight into what is happening in your corner of the world.

The lists also provide perspective, at least on the basis of search volume, most popular songs, sports teams and TV shows, along with other categories.

Google years in search

Oh wow, ‘Squid Game’, what a surprise.

Google has also provided an overview of the most searched terms that can be moved from month to month, which is a more concrete way to understand what went wrong and when.

Google years in search

That long-running Facebook shutdown in October certainly garnered a lot of attention – I think I got more PR statements about ‘what the disappearance of Facebook means for business’ than any other topic in history, and it all basically came down to ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket ‘.

Google also shared an overview of key trends and moments of pop culture, which further contributed to the insight here.

Google Movie Trends 2021

There are some key notes, and it’s worth looking at trends and data to get some perspective on what’s on trend, and at the same time refresh your brain on what’s happened in the past 12 months – which, again, doesn’t seem like So much has passed.

It seems to be doing a pandemic, summing up time in a way that is unnatural, making so many days the same. Or maybe it’s a mental response, with your brain eager to move forward to what’s to come, which speeds up your perception of time.

In any case, a year has passed and we hope that we are now getting closer to the next phase of life after the pandemic.

You can view Google’s ‘Search Year’ mini-page here.

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