Google Messages will now display iMessage reactions as emoticons

Your friend using an Android phone will soon be able to get an accurate view of your iMessage reaction. The code reveals 9to5Google found that Android users can get emojis in response to an iMessage reaction, as opposed to a textual description of the actual reaction made at the end of Apple’s equation. This feature has already started to apply to some users.

Currently, SMS is used as a backup for Android users who send messages to iMessage users. For example, if you respond to your friend’s messages with a heart-shaped emoticon on iMessage, your friend using Android will receive a separate text labeled “I love” followed by the actual text. This makes the messaging experience awkward and awkward. Group texts become even more annoying with reactions to iMessage resulting in separate lines of text explaining the reactions, instead of the actual emoticons that appear in the original response.

In the latest beta update of Google Messages, a string of code that says “ios_reaction_classification” was found in the settings menu. The following is “Show iPhone reactions as emoticons”. In other words, an Android user could receive emoticons (instead of text describing them) in response to iOS-based device reactions.

Meanwhile, Google is trying to suppress its Rich Communication Services (RCS) to replace SMS. RCS provides many more functions than the old SMS and is used by most Android users. However, Apple has kept its hands closed over inquiries as to whether it intends to support RCS. Furthermore, the company admitted to using iMessage to lock users into its ecosystem. It may also want Android users to convert if they want to stay in touch with, or in some cases, hang out with iPhone users. This update may mean that you will no longer be the type with green text that destroys it for everyone else using iMessage group chats.

Do you think this improvement in Google messaging will make the chat experience with your Android friends less frustrating? Let us know in the comments below.

[Via 9to5Google]

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