Google is stepping up the fight against the iPhone by grabbing more of Apple’s features

Google plans to make its latest Pixel and Wear OS devices more compelling alternatives to the iPhone and Apple Watch by ripping out some of Cupertino’s most popular software features – including surround sound and AirDrop.

A long list of improvements, which will cover all Google software platforms, as well as Windows, was published this week at CES 2022. Here’s what you can expect if you plan to discard your Apple devices and switch sides.

Google will steal more iPhone features to compete better

Apple and Google have been stealing each other’s operating system functions for years. It’s nothing new. And while some might be upset about it, the reality is that it makes both platforms much better in the long run.

Android, Wear OS and Chrome OS users will soon see a number of significant upgrades inspired by Apple’s innovations, including an expanded Nearby Share feature that adds support for Windows to compete more efficiently with AirDrop.

Google also brings Fast Pair to Windows, Google TV and Android TV, allowing users to connect compatible devices – such as wireless headphones – with just one touch, just like connecting AirPods or Beats devices to an Apple device.

Moreover, users of wireless headphones (with compatible headphones) can also expect to see a feature similar to a special sound, with customizable sound that changes based on the movement of your head. And Google makes it easy to transfer audio from one device to another, like an Android phone to a Chromebook.

Unlock using Wear OS

Finally, Google plans to steal Unlock with the Apple Watch – one of the best features added to Apple’s watchOS software in recent years. It will give Wear OS users the ability to unlock their Android phone and Chromebook using a smartwatch. It is especially convenient when wearing a mask.

Google has not yet confirmed the release dates of these upgrades, but it is expected to appear sometime during 2022. One thing it can’t steal from Apple, however, is the ability to introduce new features on all supported devices on the same day, so not everyone will see them in same time.

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