Google is introducing major upgrades for Gmail, Meet and Sheets on iOS

Enjoy home screen widgets and Picture-in-Picture support.
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Google has released a bunch of pretty significant updates for Gmail, Meet, and Sheets on the iPhone and iPad this week that add a number of nice new features and enhancements. You can now download them from the App Store.

Gmail now offers a home screen widget that lets you see your inbox at a glance, while Meet now has picture-in-picture support so you can have remote meetings while you keep doing other things on your device.

Gmail gets a home screen widget on iOS

Longtime Gmail users may remember that the app in the past offered a home screen widget on iPhone and iPad. He actually made his debut at about this time last year. However, it was removed without explanation many months ago.

Now that widget is back, giving you a brief overview of your inbox – at least the last three emails – directly on the home screen. It also includes a compose button that lets you quickly start a new email without having to open Gmail first.

Google Meet gets picture-in-picture support

Google Meet has finally caught up with FaceTime – and other video calling services on iOS – by adding Picture-in-Picture support. It allows you to see your calls in a smaller window that can be changed and that is covered above all other applications.

Picture-in-picture support means you can keep working on other things in the background while your Meet call is in progress. It’s super handy for those who work remotely on their iPhone and iPad.

Google Spreadsheets adds keyboard shortcuts

Finally, Google Sheets received an update that finally adds support for keyboard shortcuts. You can hold down the command key on the keyboard while the Sheets application is open to see a list of available shortcuts.

Although they are not particularly sophisticated, many of them will prove useful to Sheets users. Google has added things like “find and replace”, “select row” and “select column” – and some common formatting options.

Download updates now

Google says the latest updates for Gmail, Meet and Sheets are now available for download from the App Store.

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