Google is adding new trend forecasting tools, personalized for your business, to Google Ad Insights

Google is adding some new forecasting elements to Google Ads insights, which will use both machine learning and historical data to predict likely consumer trends in your niche.

New trend predictions are still in beta and, as noted, are available on Insight page in Google Ads. But they can ultimately be significant additions to your planning, depending on their accuracy.

First, Google testing demand forecasts, which will provide estimates of likely search interest for your products over the next six months, combining machine learning with past seasonal search trends.

As Google explains:

“Let’s say you are a trader in cosmetics. You may see a prediction that search interest for “perfumes and fragrances” will begin to grow in mid-November with an increase of 27%. Interest then peaks at 93% on Black Friday and declines in the coming weeks. To help you understand this forecast, you’ll see trend lines for predicted search interest, actual search interest, and your clicks (the amount of traffic you’ve already received from this trend). “

Again, a lot depends on how accurate those predictions are and how well they can be honed, based on your specific offers. But with historical search traffic data as a basis, they could be strong indicators of upcoming changes, which could provide valuable guidance for your marketing planning and strategy.

Google is also testing a new one insight into consumer interest element, which will aggregate the best-performing search query topics that drive the performance of your campaigns.

Google Ads Insights

As you can see here, the Consumer Insight Insight report shows the number of people searching each topic, the overall growth of each element, and makes recommendations for your account performance.

Again, this could be of great value in mapping a better strategy, depending on the data available and how accurately it reflects growing trends. Which, in the last two years, would probably be difficult, with so many changes in consumer habits. But over time, you would expect such predictions to be an indication of a change in focus and behavioral indicators

Finally, Google also tests audience insights, which aims to provide more information about the interests of your customers, including which creative material they respond to.

Google Ads Insights

This, in turn, could provide indicative data to help you maximize your campaigns, with more specific information about what works in your Google Ads efforts.

It will take some time and experimentation to correct – and Google again notes that all these elements are in beta, so they are still working in the best way forward in every aspect. But they could eventually become powerful tools for targeting your ads and efforts to understand your audience.

Google says these elements will be launched in Google Ads in the coming weeks, and you can take a look Insight page on Google Ads now to see the latest trends for your business.

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