Google highlights new wedding trends as planning returns to Gear

It will not be universal and will not apply to all companies. But if your organization has anything to do with the wedding industry, Google’s latest update on search trends is worth reading.

Today, the giant search engine gave some key notes on the most sought-after wedding trends that, according to Google, are growing in interest every September.

As Google explained:

We tend to think of a “proposal season” that is tailored to winter holidays or big days like New Year’s and Valentine’s Day. The real highlight of the proposal, though? September. With the exception of 2020, every year for the past five years, interest in searching marriage offers peaked every September in the United States. Who knows if it’s the scent of latte with pumpkin spices or the new school year, but for whatever reason, Americans these days prefer to fall on one knee. ”

And as the introduction of the vaccine continues, and the future with social gatherings involved comes into question again, that enthusiasm is undoubtedly reaching even greater peaks in 2021.

As such, it is worth considering – first, Google says that questions about marriage proposals are most sought after:

  1. How to propose to a girl?
  2. Which knee do you suggest?
  3. How early is it for an offer?
  4. Should I propose before or after dinner?
  5. How do you get your boyfriend to propose?

There’s some pretty specific help being sought there, but there may be inspiration for your progress or linking campaigns related to the proposal element.

Google also highlights the most sought after engagement ring styles.

He even lists the engagement rings of celebrities that are most often called inspiration, with Ariana Grande and Gwen Stefani in the lead.

Google also highlights major issues about bachelorette parties, which include what to wear and what to do, and also shares insights into trends on the most popular wedding dress styles, based on search volume.

  1. Boho wedding dress
  2. Beach wedding dresses
  3. Mermaid wedding dress
  4. A simple wedding dress
  5. Short wedding dress

There are also guidelines on suit color trends:

The image displays correspond to color trends, and blue, burgundy and burgundy lead

Again, as the introduction of the COVID vaccine is now under way, more and more social events and activities are on the horizon, and while there are still obstacles to full opening and limitations in what we can do, renewed optimism is no doubt that has raised hopes for many planning their wedding, who have had to postpone their big day due to the pandemic.

With this in mind, now might be a great time to get involved in these trends and create campaigns around these notes, based on popular search queries.

You can read the full Google wedding trends report here.

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