Google criticizes EU regulators for ignoring Apple’s $ 5.1 billion fine

Google today criticized EU regulators for ignoring Apple and rivalry between Apple and Android in antitrust charges against Google, reports Reuters.

Apple was raised as part of Google’s attempt to undo a huge $ 4.34 billion ($ 5.1 billion) fine. The European Commission punished Google for the first time because Google pre-installed its own services (Google search and Chrome browser) on Android to ensure its dominance in Internet search.

According to Google, the European Commission has ignored the dynamics between Apple and Google and diminished the impact that Apple has on the mobile market.

“The commission has turned a blind eye to the real dynamics of competition in this industry, between Apple and Android,” Google’s lawyer Meredith Pickford told the court.

“By too narrowly defining the market and downplaying the powerful constraints imposed by the very powerful Apple, the Commission erroneously determined that Google was dominant in mobile operating systems and app stores, when in fact it was a strong market hindrance,” he said.

Google is actually “a remarkable success story of the power of competition in action,” say Google attorneys.

The European Commission has argued that “introducing Apple into the picture doesn’t change much” because Apple and Google follow different models and because Apple has a smaller market share. Android is installed on approximately 80 percent of smartphones in the world.

Google continues to fight the fine, and a ruling on whether to pay the fine is expected in 2022.

The European Union plans to implement comprehensive legal measures that would require technology companies to share data with competitors and not give priority to their applications and services, laws that would affect both Apple and Google.

Apple would demand to allow iPhone and iPad users to download apps from third-party apps or from the Internet, and Apple fought against that. Apple CEO Tim Cook said earlier this year that the upcoming rules could “destroy the security” of “iPhone”.

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