God, that’s your loud lamp, Sonos

Sonos and Ikea are back in business with speakers that look like other things. They recently launched the second generation of Symfonisk table lamp speakers.

The Symfonisk speaker line, which also includes a speaker with bookshelves that can hold books and a picture frame speaker that looks like wall art, is designed to fit into your home.

Symphonic table lamp speaker

Sonos has designed a second-generation table lamp, bookshelf and picture frame sound systems to bring high-quality wireless sound to your home decor, eliminating the need to take up space with stand-alone speakers.

For the new table lamp speaker, Sonos said it has improved the sound experience, updated some features and added a customizable design. And he fixed some of the shortcomings of the original table lamp speaker, which came out in 2019.

The first table lamp speaker design had a circular button that looked like it should be a dimmer switch or a volume control button. But that was just a power button. The new one has an obvious power button. And the original speaker was only the size of an E12 light bulb. The new one uses the more frequent and brighter E26.

You can use a smart light bulb with a Symfonisk table lamp speaker to turn on the light with a voice command. And with this generation, you can choose between colors and materials.

Separate choice of bases and shades

With the new table lamp, pedestal and lampshade are sold separately and offer a choice of colors and materials. You can choose between a black or white version of the lamp stand, and you can choose between four different shades in textile or glass, also in black or white.

As Alistair Lowther of Ikea put it:

Since the launch of the first Symfonisk table lamp speaker, we have learned a lot about how and where they are used. For example, many people use a lamp speaker on a nightstand, which led us to create a new, slightly smaller lamp base. Now we also offer customers more design choices to better suit their individual tastes and styles. By integrating speakers into a table lamp, we can save space, reduce clutter and allow people to personalize the atmosphere in their home through light and sound.

Changes in technology, too

But the second-generation Symfonisk table lamp speaker updates aren’t just cosmetic. Sonos said that the new speaker with a lamp has a completely new acoustic architecture that uses a custom waveguide to provide quality sound from any angle.

Like the original version of the speaker, it emits sound over Wi-Fi, not Bluetooth, which can mean more stable playback. You can play the table lamp speaker yourself or connect it to other Sonos products, including other Symfonisk products.

All Symfonisk speakers are part of the Sonos system, easily connecting listeners to more than 100 streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and Deezer, plus TuneIn radio stations, podcasts and your iTunes music library.

Price: $ 140.99 for speaker base; $ 189.99 with shade

Where to buy: Ikea

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