Get an extra $ 20 when you pick up old Apple equipment

We are interrupting your shopping during Black Friday weekend due to this important newsletter: cult Maca ‘The buyout program offers an additional $ 20 for each piece of Apple equipment you sell us. This is in addition to the already generous cashback options we offer every day of the year.

Go to our return page and enter the code BFCM to get that sweet extra money – but do it fast. This special offer expires Monday night.

The biggest money back for used Apple equipment

Here’s the code Cult Maca, it breaks our hearts when we think of old Apple equipment standing in a drawer, unloved and unused. Or, worse, dumped in a landfill. That’s why we teamed up with MyPhones Unlimited to set up our buyout program many years ago. The wizards in MyPhones Unlimited restore (or recycle) every piece of technology they receive, so you can be sure that your old equipment will find a new home (or live in a device from the future).

We buy everything: iPhone, MacBook, Apple Watch, iPad, Apple TV, iPod… even Apple Pencils. Just say, we’ll send you cold, solid cash for it.

In addition, we always offer competitive prices – usually outperforming big players like Apple. In fact, we recently compared our numbers to Cupertino’s, and we beat Apple’s offerings in almost every case. Check the prices yourself to see.

With a special bonus for returning to Black Friday this weekend, we assume our prices can’t be surpassed.

Get a $ 20 redemption bonus

Here’s how easy it is to sell your old devices Cult Maca:

  1. Visit our refund page, identify your device and quickly get an offer on how much we will pay.
  2. Enter the code BFCM to get a $ 20 redemption bonus.
  3. We will send you a box and a return sticker so you can send us your device for free.
  4. When your device arrives with us, we will send you a check. You will hold it in your hot little hands for about a week.

It’s just like that.

We have designed the process to be simple, clear and effortless. So, if you have old Apple equipment you want to unload, go to our redemption page now to see how much you can get.

Get an offer from: Cult Maca redemption program (and don’t forget to use the coupon code BFCM for your $ 20 refund bonus)

Now, back to shopping….

Buy weekend deals for Black Friday

PS Need to spend that money you will get back somewhere? We are holding a big sale of Apple accessories in the Cult of Mac Store. We’ve also gathered the best Black Friday deals for official Apple equipment.

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