Get a super portable Apple MagSafe Duo charger at a big discount

The foldable MagSafe Duo wireless charger is compact and portable.
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You can charge iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time with Apple’s highly portable wireless charger. During our VIP sale, the MagSafe Duo charger is on sale for $ 114.99, more than a 10% discount on the regular price.

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Great wireless travel charger for iPhone and Apple Watch

Apple’s MagSafe Duo is a powerful wireless charger that can charge your iPhone and Apple Watch (or any other device that supports Qi) at the same time. It works with AirPods wireless charging housings and a host of other devices that you use all the time and don’t want to carry a dedicated charger. The MagSafe Duo is compact – thinner than most smartphones, and shorter. In addition, it overlaps even less when not in use.

Despite its size, this charger is fast and efficient. The charge strength adjusts to the charging device. For example, you don’t want to overload the iPhone 13 mini, so its price charges to 12W. For the iPhone 13, the charge increases to 14W. In either case, your device will quickly have enough power so you can go back to your day.

When you’re done using the MagSafe Duo charger, you can fold it up and store it almost anywhere. Keep it handy in your work bag or make it a permanent accessory on your nightstand. And it’s easy for all your travel needs. No matter what, this is a great charger for any Apple mobile user.

Save on Apple MagSafe Duo charger

The average person always carries two or three devices with them. These are usually the iPhone and Apple Watch, plus maybe some AirPods. Charge them with one super portable wireless charger that works. The MagSafe Duo charger is Amazon’s choice after garnering 4.6 stars and hundreds of reviews.

During our VIP sale, you can get the Apple MagSafe Duo Charger on sale for $ 114.99 (regularly $ 129).

Prices are subject to change.

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