George Lucas got an action figure of the black series with 6 inches in Star Wars


A six-inch action figure of George Lucas in a Stormtrooper armor raises his blaster rifle.



Based on “McClunkey!” I bet George can’t hit his target either.


Image: Lucasfilm / Hasbro



George Lucas joined the Galactic Empire. That’s tragic, but it has to be true, since he’s the newest person Hasbrois loved Star Wars: Black series toy, Stormtrooper sports armor and E-11 Blaster rifle, standard weapon for the emperor’s soldiers. I doubt this turn to the Dark Side will prevent the collectorhowever, it is not just raising the figure.

Lukas ’latest plastic incarnation will arrive next year, just in time Lucasfilm50th anniversary, in memory of the founder of the company that gave it to us Star Wars. Along with the blaster, it comes with a removable helmet and a picture that is not particularly flattering, but what can you do. (Spoiler: He’s the only one disguised as Stormtrooper. Ugh!)


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Image: Lucasfilm / Hasbro



This is not the director’s first action figure! That part belongs to a 3.75-inch toy that was exclusively released in 2002 Star Wars A celebration, which makes him a rather sought-after figure. Strange and / or enthusiastic, he was branded as an X-Wing pilot Jorg Sacul, who grew up on Tatooine, nearly died in a T-16 Skyhopper crash (just like Lucas nearly in a car accident in his youth), joined the Imperial Navy, became the best in his class, defected to the rebels, and became a famous commander flight and instructor. Oh, and he was “probably” sensitive to force, too.

There were other figures after that, though not nearly as brilliantly followed biographies. It was similarly decorated in the Stormtrooper armor for the 2006 Saga Collection series, which was only available as a Hasbro mail-in. It had a mainstream release when Hasbro made the figure Baron Papanoida, in which the alien Lucas also played Revenge of the Sieve as his only episode in the movies. But if you’ve ever wanted the character of George in his regular attire, you’d have to go back to 2002, when the Hot Toys – yes, to Hot Toys”He made Lucas an extremely unlicensed character, just calling him.” “Director.”

You won’t have the simplest (or cheapest) time to track that toy, but the new Black Series figure is another story. Pre-orders open tomorrow, Sept. 29, at 1 p.m. ET Amazon.


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