GAF Energy is launching solar shingles that you can nail to your roof

The problem with installing solar panels is that it is not exactly a walk in the park, plus it makes the roof of your home ugly if it is installed later. This is a problem that companies like Tesla tried to solar with a solar roof, but it created another problem, and that was that a specialized team was needed to install it.

There is another problem if individual parts of the panel break down, you cannot simply replace it as you would with traditional shingles, and that is a problem that GAF Energy thinks they have solved with their Timberline Solar shingles. The company claims that installation is easy where all you really need is a nail gun (and roofers) and you are ready.

Instead of retrofitting a bulky set of solar panels like you used to, or replacing an entire roof like Tesla’s solar roof, the Timberline Solar series can be installed on top of your existing roof by simply nailing it in place. The good side is that if it needs to be replaced, you can easily remove the defective part without having to redo the entire roof.

The company claims that Timberline Solar is the first product to receive UL 7103 certification, where it can serve both as solar panels and as a building material. It features glass, polysilicon solar cells and a shielded tip made of fluorinated alkane ethylene polymer that is resistant to fire and shock, and are even textured so that roofers can walk on them safely during the installation process.

In addition, there is no mention of how much these solar tiles will cost, but homeowners who are interested in making their homes more environmentally friendly can inquire with the company’s roofing contractors across the east coast of the United States and Texas.

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