From the editorial desk: This is goodbye, for now

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Hello, hello, and welcome to another week of the Editorial Board. However, this one will be a little bittersweet.

If you haven’t heard, I’m expecting my first baby on November 7, 2021. Yeah, that’s in about a week, give or take (depending on how the baby feels, honestly, haha). That means I’ll take a little break from my time here at iMore to adjust to the big life change and connect with my new baby. However, I know you will all be in good hands with my colleagues: Joe Keller, Bryan Wolfe, Luke Filipowicz, Adam Oram, Stephen Warwick, Karen Freeman, Rebecca Spear and everyone else I’ve worked with over the past few years here at iMore. They are all amazing people in their own way, and I know they will keep everything in top shape for the next two months, because I will be back in January.

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A new chapter in my life

Although I find my pregnancy a little easier than others (I’ve never had morning sickness, for example), it’s been getting a little difficult in the last few weeks, or even months – honestly, at this point I can’t even remember to take care of the weather because has passed. To be honest, at this point I’m too happy with the whole thing of “being pregnant” and I’m ready to end it!

However, as exciting as it is to enter the world of parenting, I have to say that I am still quite nervous. After all, I will have a whole new life to take care of, watch them grow up, and they will depend on me all the time. It’s a big responsibility, and to be honest, a little huge. As someone who has never spent time with children in their entire life before, it is just something that is completely new. Luckily, I’m with someone who has a little more experience in that area, and because of that I feel a little less… under stress? Sometimes just going through a whole new milestone in life with the right person is all you need.

On the other hand, becoming a new parent means I have the opportunity to explore a whole new area of ​​related technology for babies! I’m already getting some interesting products, so I can’t wait to try them out to see if it will really make life easier for a new parent. At this point, if anything can help make baby care a little less cumbersome, let me know! Especially when it comes to monitoring your baby’s health, feeding and all those totally fun things, right?

Plus, I can’t wait to shoot some Cinematic and ProRes video of my new joy pack with my best iPhone, the iPhone 13 Pro. It’s good that I got a 1TB level, isn’t it? Hah.

While we’re on this topic, I know that some of you are parents yourself – if you have any advice for a new parent, I would love to hear it. Call me back Twitter, or even send me an email with your wise words; that would be greatly appreciated!

In the meantime, follow the thoughts of my colleagues in this space for the next few weeks.

See you next year!

- Christine Romero-Chan

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