Flying with an iPad mini: A pilot review

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Apple specifically mentioned pilots when it released the iPad mini in 2021, so we interviewed 35-year-old aviator Scott Oglesby to learn more about its usability in the cockpit.

Scott Oglesby has been flying airplanes since 1985, and after a long hiatus in 2013, he returned to a new form of flying driven by technology in 2013. Before the ubiquity of the internet connection and the introduction of the iPad, pilots had to plan routes on a physical basis. pencil maps and call airports for the weather.

Today, most of the information needed for a flight can be found in one application. From wind speeds at different altitudes to visibility conditions at any airport, pilots can now safely rely on the iPad for most of their workflow.

Scott has been using the iPad mini for years, using the ForeFlight app for all his travels, especially when flying older airplanes with minimal modern technology.

In some aircraft, such as Scott’s new 1940s Piper, space inside the cockpit is very limited. While the larger 12.9-inch iPad is visually appealing, the iPad mini is easier to mount and use within these cramped spaces.

Every few years Scott upgrades his iPad mini, and the new 2021 model is an attractive upgrade. A larger 8.3-inch screen would improve data visibility on flight maps, plus the A15 Bionic is significantly faster than its current iPad mini.

All in all, the iPad mini is indeed an ideal device for certain pilots, and this redesigned version is a welcome improvement. You can read our full review of the iPad mini and find the latest deals in our iPad mini 2021 Pricing Guide, with instant savings and exclusive discounts at your fingertips.

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