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Is it worth updating Microsoft software?

The ordering process at CDKeylord is simple and fast.
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As for Microsoft’s operating system and productivity software, you may be wondering why you should bother updating. Well, with prices like this, you can hardly afford it no to. And there are other very good reasons to stay up to date with the products.

In companies like Microsoft, software generally becomes more powerful and secure over time. Once you get the latest versions of your operating system and productivity software, you’ll be sure you can take advantage of all the popular new features. You can almost always do more with new versions than with old ones. And who doesn’t enjoy using the latest features?

Update for greater security

In addition, newer versions of software usually prove to be more secure. They often include patches and upgrades that reduce security issues in older versions.

Also, when you delay the software update, you may encounter problems. Microsoft will eventually stop supporting older versions. If you upgrade to newer versions, you won’t have to worry about lacking access to technical support if a problem occurs. You will probably like it more to have upgrade only after you encounter problems.

Conveniently upgrade to Windows 10 Pro: Activating your new Microsoft product after you purchase the CDKeylord software activation key is easy.
Activating your new Microsoft product after you purchase the CDKeylord software activation key is easy.
Screenshot: CDKeylord

Read the small print

Please note that CDKeylord licenses cannot be transferred. Software keys are valid for one activation on one computer, unless two computers are listed. If you start using another computer in less than a year, you must purchase another license to continue using the software.

Given the incredibly deep discounts you can currently take advantage of at CDKeylord’s already low prices, the above restrictions shouldn’t be a termination deal.

To get a 35% discount, shop at and enter the discount code CULT at the box office.

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