Five features we’re looking forward to in the 2022 MacBook Air

Apple will release an updated version of the MacBook Air in 2022 with some of the biggest design changes we’ve seen since 2010, when Apple introduced 11- and 13-inch options. In the video below, we highlight five features you need to know about the new machine.

  • No more Wedge designs – The current MacBook Air models have a wedge-shaped design that tapers toward the front, but the new MacBook Air will look much more like a MacBook Pro with a uniform body design. However, it will deviate from the MacBook Pro in terms of ports, and Apple is expected to include only USB-C ports.
  • White frames – It is rumored that the “MacBook Air” is modeled on a 24-inch iMac, with off-white bezels around the screen and a matching gray-white keyboard with a full range of function keys. The MacBook Pro surprised us all with a camera notch, and rumors suggest that the “MacBook Air” will have the same notch, but in white.
  • More colors – Continuing with the “iMac” theme, the new “MacBook Air” is expected to be available in several color options. The colors could be similar to the 24-inch ‘iMac’, which comes in blue, green, pink, silver, yellow, orange and purple. Apple has a history of using bright colors for its non-Pro machines, and different color options would clearly distinguish the MacBook Air from its Pro brother.
  • Mini-LED screen – Apple has introduced a mini-LED screen with ProMotion technology in the MacBook Pro models for 2021, and the “MacBook Air” from 2022 could adopt the same screen, but without ProMotion. The MacBook Air screen is expected to continue to measure about 13 inches.
  • M2 Chip – Rumors suggest that the MacBook Air will be equipped with an “M2” chip, which would be an upgraded version of the M1. It won’t be as powerful as the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips used in the MacBook Pro, but it will offer an improvement over the “M1”. It is expected to still have an 8-core CPU, but with faster performance and nine or 10 GPU cores, compared to seven or eight in ‌M1‌.

There is another significant rumor – the upcoming MacBook Air may not be Air at all. Apple could plan to return to the standard name “MacBook,” which hasn’t been in use since the 12-inch MacBook was resumed. It is not yet clear whether this is true, so the name “Air” may not be retained, but there is a chance that Apple will once again simplify the naming of its Mac.

We will know more as the MacBook Air launch date approaches, and although the release date has not yet been determined, we expect to see it in the second half of the year.

For a more detailed look at what is expected from MacBook Air for 2022, we have a dedicated rumor guide. It is a good idea to keep it marked if you are planning to buy one of the new machines, because we update it every time a new rumor appears.

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