First look at Poison Ivy Nicole Kang

Mary is surrounded by plants, and wears a white dolceva and two long thin buns.

Don’t worry, it’s more like Poison Ivy than this.
Photography: Dean Buscher / The CW

If you watched Batwoman, you know things have become … painful for dr. Mary Hamilton (Nicole Kang), Kate Kanea half-sister, an illegal Gotham City Clinic operator and a member of the OG Batwoman support team. Poor Mary is infected with one of Poison Ivyvines and turned into, well, Poison ivy. Too bad for her, but at least she looks fantastic.

Confused by two Poison Ivy? No worries. As in comics, dr. Pamela Isley also became Poison Ivy in Arrowverse and prepared a happy hell for Batman and Gotham City. That’s why in the third episode of the third season, “Freeze,” there were poisonous lineages that infected Mary, even though Isley herself hasn’t appeared in the series yet. In the latest episode, “How does your garden grow?”, Mary and Bat-Tim discover that she fainted during the day and attacked people because the vines gave her the power of ivy over plants, red hair and a super-evil attitude about life. Also, somehow, Ivy’s sense of fashion, as you can see:

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Picture: The CW

She looks great! Midriff probably has too many weird belts, but the top and gloves are made of dynamite. Kang is also a big fan of it, the story goes Entertainment Weekly about when she first put it on: “I was really emotional. I burst into tears. It gave me purpose and drive, and after all, I’m really proud of how Poison Ivy came about. What I am most proud of is that it is rooted in history, both comics and fashion history. And it is culturally aware. And then I am what is inside, what fills it. And as a Korean, then everything coincided. “

Although the original Poison Ivy was not active, it was only mentioned, she is definitely on her way. Jane the Virginis Bridget Regan he threw like Isley, who will almost certainly not be thrilled to have an imitation – especially now that Poison Mary is working with another supervillain, Alice (Rachel Skarsten). Batwoman also starring Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder / Batwoman and Camrus Johnson as Luke Fox / Batwing. The third season is currently airing on CW on Wednesday.

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