First impressions: The new iPad mini is the perfect size and brings a serious opportunity

I only spent a few hours with the new iPad mini, but I can say for sure that it is fantastic. It’s not perfect, there are no products, but Apple has done something wonderful with this generation’s iPad mini. These are my first impressions of using the 6th generation iPad mini on launch day.

Perfect size

First of all, the iPad mini is the perfect size. It’s smaller than the previous generation and you can feel it. I would say that it is the closest to which the new iPad mini magazine of Moleska’s standard size can be compared. I can hold it comfortably in one hand, although it’s harder to do when the Apple pen is glued to the side.

The new iPad mini is not that much bigger than the iPhone 13 Pro Max. But don’t think that this means owning both is duplicitous. This iPad mini is a big powerful house. Not only does it have the same A15 chip found in the iPhone 13 Pro, but it also runs iOS instead of iOS. The new iPad mini looks like the iPhone would feel like it could open like a book. Of course, you can also use apps in split view, toss one app on top of another with a swipe, write text with a swipe, and more.

iPhone 13 Pro Max next to iPad mini 6

iPadOS on a small scale

Modern versions of iPadOS are strongly focused on productivity, and the iPad mini is by no means a “productivity device.” You won’t want to write long papers or articles about it or do serious vector design jobs. But I already love the experience of watching videos on it. It is extremely light in the hand and facilitates viewing at any angle.

iPadOS widgets are extremely small on the iPad mini, so are the icons on the home screen. There is nothing wrong with that, but you should know what you are getting. Fortunately, the new “big app icons” setting for the home screen makes the experience much better.

Typing on the iPad mini is an absolute dream. I can type it easily and comfortably with my thumb very quickly. Great for sending messages, short notes or replying via email. Some apps have not yet been optimized for the new iPad mini screen size. Applications like LinkedIn display black bars at the top and bottom. iPhone apps like Instagram feel great on the iPad mini. They are not cloudy and scale nicely. You can now also use iPhone apps in landscape mode with iPadOS 15.

Great display, but not the best

The screen on the new iPad mini is pretty nice, but it’s not Apple’s strongest offering. The best things about it are the wide color palette and extremely dense pixels. The biggest blow to this is that it doesn’t get great enough for my taste. I know I’ll adjust to it quickly, but out of the box it’s very obvious that this screen is inferior in brightness compared to the iPad Pro. Fortunately, it’s straight with the iPad Air. So if you use one of them regularly, you won’t notice the difference.

I’m not going to take down the iPad mini because there is no ProMotion. It is clear that Apple currently retains this as a “professional” feature on both the iPad and iPhone. That’s not a problem, iPadOS still feels incredibly smooth. But you’ll notice it’s missing if you’re using one of the newer iPhone 13 Pro or iPad Pro models.

Hardware settings

The volume buttons on the top of the iPad mini are no big deal. But that makes capturing the screen a bit boring. The iPad Air and iPad Pro require two hands, not one.

The speakers are outstanding. They are loud, have good bass and sound really nice. For such a thin and small device, the speakers are impressive. It’s not quite as impressive as the iPad Pro, but it’s still very good.

The three new colors that Apple has chosen for the iPad mini are really interesting. I’m still not quite sure how I feel about them. I got the Starlight model and I can say with certainty that it feels like dirty silver. In one lighting it is very clearly golden, and in the others very clearly silver. Purple and pink are beautiful, but in my opinion they are not strong enough. Space gray is space gray, there is nothing else to say.


The new iPad mini is now available in both stores and online. It starts at $ 499 with 64GB of storage and Wi-Fi. You can go up to 256GB or add 5G connectivity, although that significantly increases the price. It comes in four colors: star, space gray, pink and purple.

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